7QT: get the beach out of your audios


Did you hear about Jen’s new book? Ha. If you haven’t, then get the beach out of your audios. Here is the trailer for her book. You might be interested in 1:17. I am so thrilled that Jen thought to include me in this. Thanks, friend!


Sam’s first birthday is barreling down the tracks and making me say things like, “Wow! Time flies!” I’m trying to figure out how to make it special for him since he won’t know the difference at all. And, after Ellen’s blowout a few years back, I feel like I need to at least buy balloons for the kid.

Also, on the present front, the kids have so.many.toys. We were thinking about opening him a bank account and then taking him somewhere special for a day.

Any ideas for things on the party front? And, what’s fun for a 1-year-old to do?



Mike and I went on a date last weekend.



My latest Twice Box. I kept most aside from the crazy bat wing jacket, the parka and the old lady yellow shirt.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


I went to Target on Monday and walked out with an Ergo dilemma. They had the carrier on clearance for $35. Brand new. Just sitting there. $35. So, I snitchy snatched it.

And now I sit here with three baby carriers to my name, but I want them all because I love them all. What do I do?


Thing have been slow go burn out around here. The weather is breaking a tad and activities are picking up, but I just can’t seem to stop bumming around.

Both chilluns are reaching hard for the neediest needlet award, and I feel like I can’t go more than 30 seconds without one of them neeeeeding me so desperately for something incredibly (not at all) important.

I’ve heard once before that the more time we invest in front of a screen as an escape, the more desperately we need a break. I just need to find out what that break is going to be and when I’m going to take it.

I have approximately nil motivation to get my bum in gear to do anything productive at all. I also feel like I lack good judgement skills when it comes to parenting. How do I know when to discipline and when to let something go because she is just two? How do I know what method of discipline to use in what moment?

I get frustrated SO easily and feel like I come down too hard on the kids. Other times I feel like I am being lazy and need to be more assertive. Where is the line between raising respectful and well-behaved kids, and being a nit-picky nag?

I just wish I had a more clear view on how to handle discipline and when/what things to let things go. When, why, how, etc.



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Big love and grats to Jen!



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  1. says

    “Where is the line between raising respectful and well-behaved kids, and being a nit-picky nag?”

    When you figure this out, please let me know. This is the story/dilemma of my life right now.

    The baby carrier issue? No problem. You keep them all, because you need them all for various reasons or occasions. Different carriers serve nuanced functions. (No, I’m not a baby-carrier-addicted enabler. Why do you ask?)

  2. says

    $35?! If you really wanted, you could sell it for twice that… but it is an Ergo, so you can use that sucker for awhile.
    I’ve been a bum, too-blew through nap time today, even though I had things I wanted to do, I had zero energy. Here’s hoping I get out of my funk soon! My house and family could use it.

  3. says

    $35 Ergo? You win! There’s no reason not to need 3 carriers, and Ergos are often more “manly” than other carriers, so you can get Mike to wear Samcake when you’re out with the kids! Unless it’s one of those floral-print Ergos, in which case you’re probably on your own… But those are so pretty!

  4. says

    My brother and his girlfriend went to a jump place for a date a few months back. I, honestly, am afraid to chance a date there because I’m pretty sure I’d come home completely broken in half because that’s how wonderfully coordinated I am right now. Glad you had fun though and am loving your shop!

  5. marissa says

    here is my go too….if grandma says yes when I would say no…I know that I’m doing my job, because that’s what they did for me and, well, I hope I turned out all right ;)

  6. says

    #1. I haven’t seen the entire video yet but I watched your part just now. You are so cute. Love your hair! Still need to watch your interview with Jen. I save vlog watching for when I’m not at work or when hubby is not asleep on the couch after his stressful days at work.
    #2. Honestly, cake and toys will make a one year old happy. They won’t even remember anyway.
    #3. How fun!!
    #6. Oh, hun, you sound exactly like my daughter! Exactly. She frequently calls me regarding those same questions and concerns. You’ll have to figure out what you feel comfortable letting go of and decide what you want to enforce and/or ignore. Issues like disrespect, whining, fighting, etc.When you decide what your limits will be, be firm and sound like you mean it, in a matter-of-fact sort of way, if that makes sense.