7QT: Checking In


So, I have some awesomesauce guest posts coming your way in the next month. I am busy snuggling Samboni. I am going to try to say hello on Fridays with a little 7QT action. You’re welcome.




So, who will be taking care of you this week?

Ana will be talking about how a second child is like a chill pill. Mary will talk to you about how to get out of debt (and I promise, it is not boring in the very little least!) And, Marissa will give her thoughts on why birth stories are awesome.

And, if you’re not good for my substitues, they will leave a note, and I will call your parents.


Whenever Ellen asks me for more of something, she reminds me of this commercial. Then I recite it to her, and it confuses her so much she stops asking. I win.


“I not wear dat shirt.”


Did you enter the lactation cookie giveaway yet? My little gift to you to celebrate Sam Bone’s birth


Your cookies will not have a bite missing.


I’ve been drinking my fill of Angry Orchard hard cider since Sam was born. Highly recommend.




Has anyone seen Great Gatsby yet? I wanted to die of happiness when I found out they were remaking it, but since I’m all postpartum and stuff, I haven’t made it yet. I might just have to rent it later. Sigh.


Why you no tell me about after-labor pains with second and so on children? They are supposed to get worse with each kid you have? So, I carry this kid for 9 months, throw up, live in pain and discomfort, push him out of me after hours of labor (delightful), live on the leetlest amount of sleep, nurse around the clock which has it’s own pains, I assure you, and then I have after-labor pains??? Why? Just. Why.

Head over to Jen’s. You know the drill.

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  1. says

    mmmmm. love angry orchard.
    I want to try to win those lactation cookies, but as it is I think I have an over-production issue and might explode if I eat them.

    I really wanted to see the GG but Mike ruined it for me by reading the reviews of the movie that say they got it all wrong and it’s nothing like the book. I will still be watching it, but I figured I might as well just wait a few more months and watch it at home that way if I am disappointed I didn’t spend $15 for a ticket, and inevitably $7 on a bag of popcorn.

    Love that your checking in, keep it up! That little guy is the sweetest ever.

  2. says

    Yeah, I make rather a lot of milk as well, so lactation cookies might make me verrrrry uncomfortable! And yeah, the afterbirth pains get worse, but I take that to mean my uterus is shrinking faster. I don’t remember if they were worse with the twins than with my 2nd (definitely worse than my 1st), but they lasted for longer, probably because my uterus was so ridiculously stretched from carrying 2 babies!

  3. says

    I’m glad your sense of humor hasn’t been diminished after pushing out baby number two. :0) As usual, your post cracked me up! Love you! And Samboni, and Ellen and Mike too.

    • Jenna says

      Thanks, Jen! Having a little boy is already different from a baby girl – I’m sure you are re-visiting that idea right now too ;)