7QT: Moms with larger families – halp!


I made these the other day which led me to this site. And now I can’t stop.



Lately Ellen has been all about bulldozers and dump trucks and all that schtuff. So, I stumbled across Truck Tunes, and boy, have we memorized those songs. Our current favorite is Feller Buncher. Listen and enjoy for a short while until the novelty wears off and you can’t listen to it one.more.time.


I switched my email subscription service to a weekly service. If you’re cool with just getting my posts on Thursdays, then do nothing at all. But, some people have emailed me wanting to receive posts on the day they are published. If ya want that deal too, just let me know. I’ll hook you up. No black Friday code needed. I’m just baller like that.


In the spirit of honesty on this blog, y’all should know I had a naaaaassssty panic attack on the night of Mike’s birthday. It was one of my worse ones. The most confusing part to me is that I know I am having a panic attack. I can think through it. But, my body doesn’t get that message, and all of the physical symptoms still rear their heads, and I am left with the yuck.

So, if you’re a panic attack person like me, just giving you a heads up that I got through it, it sucked, and now it’s over. Praying for all of my anxious peeps.


This is an honest question for my readers with larger families: Are your kids really well behaved or do you have some sort of ninja patience? I have no idea how I am going to have more kids when the two I have wont. stop. crying. Ever. Especially Sam.


Last night on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner, little dude cried until he puked for the entire hour. It didn’t matter what I did to help him out. He screamed until he puked, and then he kept screaming.

Do your kids do this? How do you handle it when you have 4, 5, 6, or more kids?


Dwija, I want you to know that I am praying for you, and I am so happy for ya. Big cheesy smiles happy. Big, fat giggles happy. Happy!



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  1. Umm. Yeah. What they said.

    You won’t have 5 or 6 or 7 who cry all the time.

    In a few weeks, those two will be driving and looking at colleges and changing the diapers of the little ones. At least that’s how it is over here.

    At the very least, some will be out of diapers and dressing themselves and getting their own go-gurts and drinks of water, while you deal with baby(ies). Until then, don’t feel guilty if you have to use an electronic babysitter to catch a nap once in a blue moon.

    Helpful hint: Keep the cups in the bottom drawer where they can reach them, and keep a step stool in the bathroom. My 2yo gets her own drinks of water. :)

    Hang in there! It gets So Much Better! Also, don’t feel you have to be everything to everyone. Some years, I don’t send Christmas cards, or bake cookies, or either. Some years, I’m just pregnant and pukey or nursing a needy babe 24/7.

    Lastly, Get Out With Other Moms and Tots! Through church or the library storytime or the coffee shop with a toy bin. You’re in the trenches and you need back-up. I’ve made lifelong friends at those places. Have couples with their littles over on the weekends for beer playdates. Misery loves company!

    Sorry this was so long. I’m sending you a Hang in There kitten poster.

  2. I wonder about #5 too (and I only have one with the ability to cry / tantrum at the moment); these comments are helpful. :) Beautiful snowflake!

  3. So, I’m one of nine kids. This year at Thanksgiving, my dad thanked my mother for her faith in God to expand our family, despite the struggles. I wrote about it here, if you’d like to check it out :) http://anneryathome.blogspot.com/2013/11/theme-thursday-thankful-tpt.html

  4. You are at one of the toughest times right now. Hang in there.

  5. Just as everyone else has said, this is SUCH a hard season for you as a mother. Really….the worst. Did you ever read that post on My child, I Love you back from 2010 about why people stop at two kids? The whole thing is really wonderful but my favorite part was when she talked about doing everything for her first baby and then her second baby came along and she felt like she needed to everything for that baby too, which meant bringing an army of helper humans with her everywhere so that each limb of each child could be tended to at any and all moments and completely freaking out at the thought of more children than that. And it’s so true. Because at that age they DO need everything done for them. But really it doesn’t last forever. I promise. And sometimes with the crying….if I know they’re just going to cry whether or not I bend over backwards for them, I just stop bending over backwards. Of course I always try at first, but there is a moment when you realize that they are just over stimulated or too exhausted to sleep or whatever, and you just can’t fix that. So you hum a little hum and just try and wait it out. Same results on their end, but much less work on mine. I know that probably sounds horrible and unloving, but really there is a REASON kids don’t remember their baby-hoods. ‘Cause man, you just gotta survive sometimes!

  6. Beautiful snowflakes & cool website! I will be doing this with my 6yr old.

  7. I have 7 and Amelia is right, everyone gets a little older and grows out of some of that stuff. I think that having 7 is so much easier than 2. They keep each other busy, teach each other everything (good and bad), and help out. It gets easier even though the first bit can be tough.

  8. I feel ya on #4. Sooooo frustrating. Thanks for writing so honestly about it!

  9. I agree with Amelia. I have just a few myself, but with the oldest already 8, I can tell you it does get easier. Our foster daughter is a screamer and with only ten months between her and my youngest, it has been a challenging year. However, I really believe we’re generally maxed out at whatever number we’re currently at. God gives you the grace to parent the ones you currently have, not current + 1.

    Even as young as E still is, she should have the capacity to be helpful in small ways, ie bringing a diaper or toy over to you in tending to S. My biggest challenge is always realizing the capabilities of my kids. I tend to overdo for them and get overtired, when they really are capable of helping in small ways. Just know that with them very young, you’re in the harder part of it right now. As they get older, it just keeps getting better. They will delight in their younger siblings. My children can draw each other out of tantrums in a way I can’t, so maybe God is planning a comedian next for you :)

  10. Regarding #5…..I have 4 kids. and none of them cry all the time. No, I don’thave ninja patience at all. When people have 4 or 5 or 6 kids, it’s not like they have 4 or 5 or 6 2-year olds…(unless they do). The secret is that as you have more kids, the kids you do have are bound to get older, and then they stop crying…I promise. Hugs, it’s TOUGHEST with 2 or 3 little ones, but as the kids get older the get much easier and the tantrums and crying stop. A 6-year old is so much easier than a 2 year old. And, when your kids get really older, they can help out with the younger ones and things are much eaiser.

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