7QT: That mosquito fossilized in amber? That was a disaster.


A few crazy things have been happening to me lately. I’m taking it as a sign that you need to get your copy of SOTG. I could be wrong. Tell me what you think:

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Listen to the universe. Buy it here.


Ellen and I built a fairy garden at the local nature center last week. A pretty standard mother/daughter experience – until you factor in the part where I had WAY more fun than any of the kids there. So much so that I went BACK without her later that day to make another one. Just myself. No kids in tow for the kids event. To make another one all by myself. But I gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day, so that is somewhat redeeming. Right.




Our neighbors a block or so over have a stegosaurus in their front yard. Just all year long. Because they like it. And they dress it up for holidays and seasons. Heather, if you thought a cement goose would be fun… Anyway, I’m trying to figure out how this conversation happened.

Neighbor One: Hey Honey? I was at the museum this morning, and they were having a dinosaur adoption right on site.
Neighbor Two: Don’t tell me you brought one home. Remember the last time you brought something like this home? That mosquito fossilized in amber? That was a disaster.



It’s Saturday. I’m already behind on this game. Skip.


I had some Qs about essential oils on my Insta. I’m thinking of writing a post on the matter. What Qs do you have so I’m not just clickity clacking for my own desire to avoid doing real things?



You’ve still got some time to finish the stitch-a-long and to use the coupon code CALLHERMAMA for 20% off one of my embroidered cuties.



I bought a couple of Bilibos for the kids. Mike thinks I am straight insane for spending money on a shapeless piece of open-ended play-stic. But honestly, I am willing to give the kids needles and knives it if means they will play together – nay! play at all – instead of hanging on my legs all the day long.



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  1. says

    The fairy garden is so cute. :) Much like your face. Also, a post about your oils would be great, although I don’t have any questions, because I haven’t the slightest idea about anything.

  2. says

    1 – So funny!
    2 – So sweet. :-)
    3 – Um, okay.
    5 – I would love to read an introductory post about essential oils. I hear about them all the time but seriously have no idea in regards to what, how, why… :-)

  3. says

    I love fairy gardens!!!!

    Allicia is sending me a copy of SOTG and I can’t wait to read it!! #scorpions

    I don’t understand what that shapeless piece of plastic is….

    <3 Jamie

  4. says

    Ah I laughed all the way through this. fun! Excitement! Better than mom! Seriously, what is this strange notion of “playing”??? My boys don’t get it either. What are these billibo-things? Ima Goog.