7QT: Joke would be on them because I can barely figure out where that nasty smell is coming from in our kitchen


My mom swears up and down that she enrolled me in swim lessons as a child. But, I have a long term memory like a safe (and a short term one like a sieve), so I know she is a big fat liar, and I’ll sing that all the way to the bottom of the pool while I sink like a rock.

So, I took matters into my own hands, and I took some adult swimming lessons last week. To be honest, I know how to *swim*, but it doesn’t look pretty. It’s starting to look prettier. So, now you know all about that…



I have gotten ZERO anything done after the kids are in bed thanks to our latest Netflix binge sesh. White Collar? I can’t stop – hence, you know, the binge.

I suddenly want to be part of the FBI and solve crimes with a suave and clever sidekick. And ha. Joke would be on them because I can barely figure out where that nasty smell is coming from in our kitchen let alone take down a white collar espionage suspect.



Thinking about signing up for a craft show or two this summer. You know, a little spinoff from my Etsy shop. Has anyone ever done one before? Tips for a total noob? I don’t want to get to the show and be all like:



You know what I love? When a blog friend has a baby. It just makes my eyes all sweaty. Grace had another beaut yesterday morning – Phoebe Anika. I am fairly certain we do not have to beg her for all of the details and more, but perhaps we should nudge her along because we are all waiting for the low down on her new bundle. And she certainly cannot be busy with anything else right now, so hook us up. Because it’s all about us.

But seriously. Enjoy your hospital vacay, Grace, and we will patiently wait for the stories and deets!


I rented my first audiobook this week. Can you think of anything more exciting?

I’m actually surprised that I am enjoying it though because I am a terrible listener. I cannot follow along to audio only; I need something visual too, but for some reason, this is working.

One time in high school, we had to take a standardized test measuring our listening skills. I failed it because the directions were read aloud to us, and I didn’t pay attention.


Because we just can’t seem to quit the cold, I ordered this pretty yesterday. And, because I finally broke down and bought a jacket, we can all be sure that it will warm up right quick. You can thank me now.



I’m going to harass you about this stitch-a-long until you do it.



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  1. Pat says

    Love the jacket. Kinda like the one you wore when you were a little girl on her way to swimming lessons. xo

  2. says

    I love White Collar! So sad that next season is most likely the last one and only 6 episodes at that. My memory is also like a safe (or at least I like to think so). Have a good weekend!

  3. housewifespice says

    White Collar is the bomb. White Collar is also the reason my 17yo son wears fedoras to dances. Please tell me you’ve already seen every Burn Notice ever made. If not, I’m so so sorry.

    Cheering for you and your swim lessons! I would love to be able to swim on my front. I’m a backstroke only girl. Can’t breathe and kick and paddle all rhythmically. I look like Elaine Benes dancing underwater.

  4. says

    So. I had to put my hand over my mouth here at the office after reading #1. ;) Then after I composed myself, yay #4!! And also, I’m with you on #5 all the way. I need some visual to go with the audio if I’m going to have any comprehension.

  5. says

    Oh my gosh, the gif in the beginning has me cracking up. That is freaking hilarious! I’m so impressed that you are taking lessons as an adult – that is awesome!

    Please do craft shows this summer because you won’t fail. You have such a great talent and you’re work is so unique. I LOVE my necklace (and my kids do too – they compliment it all the time!) and I know so many others would as well! And make sure to take pictures while you’re there ;)

    And I’ve been looking for good shows to watch PP once I’m just a human food machine – White Collar worth watching you say? I’ll have to check it out and binge myself!

  6. beccagarber says

    I loooove Grace too, and actually just found YOU through her “better blogs” link! Also I’m an aspiring audiobook listener myself but so far have not acted on that. Such is life with me, I suppose. But how to listen when you also might have to be listening out for littles? This is the problem I must solve…

  7. says

    I’m a really terrible swimmer… maybe I’ll take lessons when my kids do. We’ve been working our way through Chuck on Netflix – it reminds me of Psych, but is less silly and not always about murder. (Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type!)