7QT: was pretty much just tired of pulling Sam out of piles of bodily fluids

These are seriously going to be so quick. I am a very important busy person today.


I had the grand pleasure of talking with Jen Fulwiler via Skype the other day. She is an honest gem. And, you will see the whole darn thing on Monday.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 8.20.39 AM.jpg


So many beautiful people are giving you a chance to win one of my necklaces from my Etsy shop. So kind of them. Check it out!

The Annery at Home

Fine Linen and Purple



Another person I am obsessed with right now? (Don’t tell her or it might scare her away.) Carolyn from Svellerella. She designed a GORGEOUS font for my Etsy shop. Now you can order monogrammed necklaces all thanks to her and her gift of super creativity. Check out her blog for more beauty.

initials A_N


Last night we all got to go to Sacred Heart Major Seminary for an award ceremony. My dad was nominated and won and award for outstanding service to Catholic youth. What a jolly good fellow!

unedited glory

unedited glory


skip – keeping these quick, yo.


Do I have to remind you again about the stitch-a-long? Get it in gear.




I have waved the white flag on potty training. Three days in and she still had not made it to the toilet on her own. I was pretty much just tired of pulling Sam out of piles of bodily fluids, so, we will try again another day. I like diapers better anyway.


Joining Jen – best author ever.


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  1. says

    I saw your Skype screen shot and thought I was going to get to see the interview! What a tease! I will be impatiently waiting for you to post the interview all weekend until it goes live on Monday!! You are better than me I always end up skipping #7 verses #5…smooth ;)

  2. says

    Love the font!!

    I have waved the white flag on potty training more times than I care to count. The good news is that all kids who should be out of diapers, are now out of diapers. :)