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I’m in a cookbook. And it’s free. And it’s cute. Here it is.

pear pie


Talk to me about essential oils. I want the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lay it thick.


Yesterday I was Reaganing and made banana bread, cleaned the house, got the girl doing crafts, cooked dinner of breaded pork chops, homemade mashed potatoes, and homemade applesauce, AND I showered. This doesn’t always happen. In fact, it’s rare. See #6.

Note to my chilluns: Do you see what happens when you don’t freak the freak every second of the ever loving day? See? Things get done. People get happy. Memories are made. Remember.



How do you manage your feed reader? I get so behind. Then I feel like I catch up and I’m all, “You guys! Did you hear about the Janet Jackson nip slip at the Super Bowl???”


More things for you to tell me: Tell me how you combat blogging burnout? I think I’ve got a case of “What is the meaning of all of this?” and I need to shake it since the Internet is very sadly my numero uno source of adult conversation during the day. Can’t quit it won’t quit it.


Kelly wrote an awesome post about holding yourself accountable as a mom, and it just was, you know, wonderful. So, I have to ask, how do you hold yourself accountable during the day? I find myself being so tired and lazy that the TV always seems like a viable option. What do you do to battle those feelings?


Last day to enter the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day. Just sayin’. And, don’t forget this:


The Lady Jennifer

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    I use bloglovin’ for my reader and if I get behind I just hit “Mark All As Read” and move on with my life. Then every morning or every other morning I open up to the 30ish new posts. I scan those, opening the ones I want to read, creating a bunch of open tabs on my computer. Throughout the day I read them and close them as I get the chance. And if I get behind again I just clear the slate again. Sometimes I miss big things but oh well.

    And when I have blogging burn out I just pull back. I don’t usually announce anything and I don’t make myself commit to anything. Oddly enough it is usually during those times that I end up writing some of my best stuff because they come from a great desire to write.

    I don’t know if I’m helpful at all.

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    I’m constantly losing track of blogs and catching up as best I can later on….or not, depending on the demands of “real life”. As for blogger burnout, maybe take some time to consider why you blog. Is it an outlet for your writing? To share your life? Maybe take some time to write stories from your life that are near and dear to you – a birth story, a birthday. Get back to the root of why you started, and see what you find there.

    Also, the Christmas season can lead to burnout in general when you have young ones. You are in the hardest season right now. While I have littles, having a big makes an enormous difference. Simplify everything you can, do NOT apologize for not being super woman. Do your best and don’t criticize yourself for not creating a Pinterest home, Christmas, meal, whatever. It will get better, it will get better, it will get better :)

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    I use Bloglovin’ for my feed reader – but, as you know, I’m perpetually behind on all things good and holy, so I’m not sure how much help I am in that department ;)

    BUT! I do know a thing or two about essential oils. I love them. I always used to pop a Tylenol like crazy when I was younger, until I realized that taking several a day for minor head/body aches may not be the smartest thing in the world if I really don’t need it. When David introduced essential oils to me, I was super skeptical because I thought it was a bit hippie. But then I saw how well they work annnnnd I’ll forever put my foot in my mouth.

    If you’re just interested in trying them out, I would recommend getting started with just one or two. Here are the basics that we make sure we keep on hand:

    Peppermint Oil- good for headaches, body aches, menstrual cramps, relief of nausea during pregnancy (hello!), sore throats; and, it just tastes really really good in water/chocolate protein shakes

    Oil of Oregano- the beast. Oregano has major healing effects (which was total news to me). During this time of year (except not now for me- Oregano is not for use during pregnancy because its infection-fighting ability is so potent that it might harm baby, etc. But you know this…), we put it in our water to drink to fight off any throat or flu junk. Oregano actually cleared up staph in my hubby’s knee when he had an accident that almost took his leg- the antibiotics wouldn’t work, and, after two surgeries and innumerable rounds of antibiotics, they tried oregano as a last stich effort. It worked.

    Lavender- Helps heal burns. I have to have this because I burn myself all the time. At least twice a week. Why is God giving me a child?

    Ok so I’ve typed enough now. I hope that helps!

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    Essential oils are the best! What Olivia said! Also, I put a couple drops of Lavender in my sons bath before bed. It helps calm him down. If he’s teething I’ll mix a drop into some unscented lotion and rub his feet right where his toes meet his feet and that helps as well :-) I use tea tree oil for most of my cleaning. I’ve got a couple recipes for those up on my blog.

    As for holding myself accountable during the day. I’m really trying to work on not being on social media and watching TV during the day. Being a SAHM is definitely a self-starter job haha. My kid it too little to tell on me if I don’t do anything during the day so it’s up to me to keep things moving. I try to set goals and reward myself for meeting them. For example, do a 15 minute pickup and start a load of laundry before I’m allowing myself to check Facebook or blog.

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    I have to avoid burnout by reading non-blog literature. I also get inspiration for my writing (blogging included) from a good book. As for essential oils, don’t get me started! I have so much that I could say. I will keep it short and just say- I bought tea tree oil for the first time at whole foods this week, and while it is a little bit potent straight from the bottle, if you mix it with water in a spray bottle, you can mist your favorite diaper changing cover and go from depressed to blessed. heh :)

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    I really miss google reader but I have blog lovin and feedly…..I am about 1000 posts behind. I am more apt to read ones that are delivered to my inbox. I love essential oils – I buy young living. Peppermint in my water for a pick me up, lavander for calming burns, tea tree in my face wash

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    It looks like everyone has said it, but definitely try out Essential Oils, but not all are created equal, make sure to get a good brand, I am not sure on where you plan on buying yours but do a a little homework first. Peppermint and Orange are great pick me ups and are normally on the non-expensive side.

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    When I go through a blogging slump, I email my favorite bloggers for writing prompt ideas… sound familiar??? Eventually it passes but I try to force my way through with some link share type posts and photo dumps.
    Feed readers: There are some blogs I follow religiously, and that folder in my feedly is always read, but the rest I get to when I can. Or I prioritize a few from another folder for a week. Does that make me sound too blog obsessed?
    Lastly, I think the long days of winter require TV or screen time distraction. We don’t have a TV now, but we did back when I had all littles and I just needed down time to get dinner ready. We limit screen time but so long as kids are getting outside, receiving parental affection/ attention/interaction, read alouds, etc during other parts of the day, an hour of PBS kids is not going to kill them. As they get older, and have more siblings(?), they’ll also be better able to occupy themselves without the need for an electronic babysitter and you’ll get more done. You’re going through the hardest stage now.

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    Essential Oils: The Good: They Work
    The Bad: They are Expensive (for pure brands)
    The Ugly: People get a bit crazy about them and claim they cure everything from leporasy to small pox.