7 Quick Takes Vol. 8

— 1 —
Last night before we went to bed, Mike screamed, “Holy S***! Get out of bed! Get out of bed!” Not what you’d like to hear while preparing to slumber off. Turns out there was an earwig crawling over to me. It most certainly was probably going to kill me. I hate those things. I think the only bug I hate more are those ginormous black centipede monsters that live in the drain. Guh.
— 2 —

We spent the fourth of July with some friends, and found out Ellen can climb stairs. I’m talking with.out.hesitation. Two flights – like a boss. She hasn’t encountered stairs yet since she started crawling a while back. We just don’t have them.

— 3 —
Have you seen this video yet? I wish I was that cool in 1992.

— 4 —
I haven’t really left the house in a week, and I a going bat-crap crazy. It is averaging 105 degrees every day this week, and the air conditioning in my car is broke. Would you want to take a cranky baby out into that heat inside of a little silver greenhouse? Me neither. My car is in the shop now. Hip hip finally!
— 5 —
Why is Ellen cranky? I wish I had an answer for you. I think it is a combo teeth/doesn’t know how to sleep doesn’t get it from me issue. And, you know, people always say teething sucks, and it does, but what they don’t tell you is that babies are always teething. It isn’t a transient state – it is a permanent state that they are always in…obviously.
— 6 —
I cannot decide what project from Pinterest I want to tackle next. Can you just go over to my boards and tell me what I should make? Thanks.
— 7 —
I found a Duplo block in my bed last night as well. It made me smile.
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  1. Love that video.. very entertaining post. Found you on the Friday blog hop!

  2. Jillian says:

    Living in Trinidad aircondition is a must. I am glad you are getting the car one fixed God knows I would not leave the house either in this heat. Worse when it starts to rain and the windows begin to fog up.
    I would appreciate a follow back. Have a good week.

  3. Hi! I’m blog hopping today and I’m following your blog.
    Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. Hope your having an awesome


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  4. I’ve said so many prayers of thanks for air conditioning lately. I can’t imagine that heat in the car with the baby without AC (he already sweats even with the air on high). Bleeeeh.

  5. thanks for stopping by and commenting, elise! i am looking forward to checking out your blog :)

  6. marissa says:

    teething is terrible! be super blessed she doesn’t get an ear infection with each tooth. we were in the dr’s office each time! terrible!

  7. Eating chips last night and an earwig climbed out of the bag. Didn’t finish the chips!

  8. Wow it sounds like it is hot! hopefully it will cool off a little soon! I’m a new follower and would love if you followed me at

  9. Earwigs!! ewwww. Spiders eat earwigs, make the beaded spider from your pinterest board.

  10. Heather@KeepCalmAndLoveOn says:

    On your create board you have a diy work-out t-shirt…that’s my vote! I tried to make one and just ended up butchering a shirt. If you can make one successfully maybe you can blog about it and help a fellow blogger out. :)

  11. Rae Wright says:

    Okay first of all EWWWW earwigs I hate bugs too I would have went berzerk over that!!
    I feel you on the heat side of things. We are in Tucson and triple digits are back yuck!

  12. Lil’ Aaron has been having a hard time too with teeth. I’d imagine it is pretty unpleasant. Also, we discovered accidently he could do stairs as well. It was weird. Stay cool.

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