7 Quick Takes vol. 40 The Mich Edish


Let’s get this out in the open first: watch out Dweej. I’m coming for you! Mike just got a job in the mitten, so we are moving back in a few weeks. Um, can you say answered prayers of the unlikely variety? We are pretty thrilled. Yup yup.


Not only will the move be good for my soul, but I’m pretty sure my body too. I need to find a new OB when we get there, which is all fine and dandy since my one here told me to quit packing on the pounds. Why yes, that is exactly what my hormones wanted to hear. After hours moaning to my online friends and family, they talked me out of my hole, and I went to Target for some Dove. Logical.


Even more logical? Sarah recommended that I eat bananas with chocolate sauce and sprinkles for dessert. Since having her first two and then twins, she said this is her evening indulgence of choice. I tried. I liked. I love Sarah.


Ellen’s words are becoming much clearer lately. This means two things: 1. It is easier to understand what she needs and 2. I can’t pretend I don’t know what she’s saying to get out of something. My favorite thing she is saying right now? She loves to sing “Row Your Boat”, but she never knows when to stop. So when she asks, it sounds more like, “Mumma? Rowrowrowrowrowrowrowrowowrowrowrowrworw yer boat?” Sure, honey.



Free Stickers? Why wouldn’t you?


Also, if you’re feeling super generous? Thanks.


And, finally, for all of you moms who wait patiently through hours of Sesame Street in the hopes that your child will give you just one hour of silence per week to watch Downton:

Now, go over to Jen’s and chat with her about Minor Revisions which I didn’t get a chance to see.
Rerun, por favor?

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