7 Quick Takes vol. 39


Ellen and I got in our first fight this week. It went something like this:
Ellen: Mommy big!
Me: No, I’m pregnant.
Ellen: Mommy big!
Me: No, I’m pregnant!
Ellen: Mommy big!
Me: No. I’m pregnant!
Mike: You two are ridiculous.

Reading to her Brother: "One day. One day. One day."

Reading to her Brother: “One day. One day. One day.”


She has also started telling stories. Let me give you a little context on this one: there is no context. She’s, um, creative. Please excuse the shrill.


The Sheenazing Awards have been announced! Did you favies make the cut? Congrats around to all of the ladies and gents. Now, go discover some new, awesome blogs, and thank Bonnie for being a gem about all of this.


I was talking to Allison the other day about Saints. She is picking a Confirmation name right now – which is so very cool. I was telling her how I always find Saint bios to be really dry. Do you have any modern, non-dry suggestions?


The time is nearing when our fam is going to need to get the heck out of MN and move elsewhere. Want to know where? Me too. We’re supposed to be moving in February/early March, so here is hoping we hear something soon. Prayers? Oddly, I’m not stressed. I guess I figure we won’t be in a cardboard box, so that’s good.


Because you care, this is the newest blog I’m following. What can I say? I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.


So, I really want to go to BlogHer this year. It’s in Chicago, and it seems like it will really be a possibility with some of the money I’ve been saving. Anyway, if I didn’t have to spend all of that hard earned cash, that would be cool. So, anyway, you could help me win a ticket by tweeting this. I need at least 30 tweets to be entered, so if you want to do it more than once, every single day like it’s your job, well, that’s fine.

Off to Jen’s, please.

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  1. says

    As long as she’s not still telling you you’re big after you’ve given birth, you’re good. For WEEKS after I had my most recent babies, my son & daughter (3.5 and 2) kept saying, “Mom is pwegnant! Mom is STILL pwegnant!” So I had to explain to them that no, Mom is not still pregnant, Mom just had twins so Mom is going to have a squishy tummy for a while.

    So now instead I get, “Mom is NOT pwegnant! Mom has a squishy tummy!”

    Not sure which is worse…

  2. Liz Timmerman says

    We loved the video clip of Ellen spinning a yarn in the back seat! Lucy wants to know what Uncle Mike brought Ellen – the suspense is killing her. Was it applesauce? Was it something else?

  3. says

    Sooooo, it’s not modern, but The Golden Legend is two volumes from the Middle Ages that details the lives of popular saints complete with dragons, descriptions of miracles, tortures gleefully endured, etc. that my family finds hilarious/awesome…in a really sacred way and all.

  4. Anna says

    On item #4 – We (DH & I) LOVE “The Voices of the Saints” by Bert Ghezzi. There’s a saint for every day of the year, with topic lists in the back to find particular saints (family, enduring trials, married saints, raising christian youth, etc.). And the stories really help you see each saint as a real human being, failings and all. We’ve read it every day for 3 years and aren’t tired of it yet!

    • Jenna says

      I’m so glad you said that, Anna. I just ordered it hoping it would be a good book! After you said that, I’m sure it will be :)