7 Quick Takes vol. 38 Starbucks and Twitter (that should boost my page rank…)


I’m just going to go ahead and lead with a doozy: I am so tired of talking about this. If you really want to know my opinions (and I’m certain you do), email me. We can hash it out. Let’s just say the media has a way with spinning the spin. And I think we can all agree on that.


On to bigger and better:

I got myself a skinny decaf vanilla latte at the bucks last night. If I’m going to be really honest: I sent Mike out in the frigid to fetch it. Splitting hairs. Anyway, I haven’t had one in a while, and I forgot how much I love love. Does anyone happen to know if they call it the same thing at Caribou? Skinny that is? Is that a weird question? Am I weird for being super paranoid that if I say “skinny” I might not get non-fat milk AND sugar-free vanilla?? Is this what they call first world problems?


Twitter is abuzz, ladies and I’m assuming at least two gents. It’s not buzzing about anything in particular, I just happen to have finally started using it. I send out the occasional tweet here and there, but I’ve never really used it. I’m using. It’s terrible.


Speaking of Twitter and stuff, Troop8x just sent me the new Windows HTC8x phone, and I’ll be blogging about it a little. Look for a post on MN fashion coming up soon. After you read it, Tweet This for me if you’re feeling like doing some kind ones for this charity case. Or just tweet it now and read it later; I trust you and then I thank you.


In case you were wondering, I have no intentions of potty training Ellen anytime soon unless she specifically asks. Seeing that she seems to completely ignore a loaded diaper, I don’t think it is going to happen soon. But, since I like to plan ahead, give me your best advice here.


If you’re a Catholic blogger or you enjoy Catholic blogs, check out Bonnie’s site for the 1st annual Sheenazing Blog Awards. Nominate today. Vote on Monday. Discover a bunch of new reads.


Mike and I spent last night talking about these pictures. Remember when Discovery Channel and TLC used to have shows with stuff like this?

Go wish Jen well. Your prayers are working.

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  1. says

    Ughh stupid media. And good luck potty training! I obviously don’t have any advice (since I have no children, and don’t get married for 3 more months) but I’m sure you can use prayers! So I’m good at that :)

  2. says

    I have been drinking lattes for forever and somehow just recently (this week…) tried a vanilla latte for the first time. I’m a believer!

  3. says

    Hopping over from 7 QT. I just have to say your blog is very pretty. Blue is sooo soothing. I’m thinking of using this shade for our room. Secondly, I’m going to find you at twitter. I barely use it but I figured I can start learning soon.

    • Jenna says

      Thank you so much. I had it done by Lauren at Santa Clara Designs. She is a genius. I told her I wanted clean and relaxing. She totally delivered :) And, yes tweet me; I shall tweet back.