7 Quick Takes vol. 33


We are in MI with our families for the next couple of weeks, and it is so far so no responsibility. Glorious. Mima is on diaper duty and middle of the night duty (per her request), and Ellen wants nothing to do with me when she is around. I might be jealous like 5%, but honestly, it is a nice break.


We spent Tuesday morning with Ellen’s cousins, Emma and Lucy. Can you tell they are related?


So, I love this magazine called Sew News, and they have an awesome special publication called Sew It All. Anyway, I like them on Facebook and commented on one of their posts today. My comment got chosen to appear in the June/July issue. I get a free copy of the magazine and a special prize! What did I say? You’ll have to wait and find out. Neener neener.


Speaking of Facebook, I have been seriously considering getting rid of my account. It is just becoming too much for this introverted gal. I would keep the page for my blog but just delete my personal page. My biggest hang up? I don’t want to have to leave my #cathsorority girls. So, what is your advice to me? What would you do? I worry about de-friending a bunch of people. I don’t want to seem rude. Why is life so hard?


 I spent a good part of yesterday at my parents’ local Catholic bookstore. These are the kind of things you might see there:


I recently started blogging for a real estate company called Lang Premier Properties. It’s been pretty cool because Mike and I would really love for our next living situation to be in a house, and I am learning so much about the process while doing this. But, I am no expert, so don’t ask me any questions.


Finally, a little cute to end your week. I can’t stand how cute my daughter’s little voice is. Can’t. Stand. It.
(It’s a video, but my mom was rocking her to sleep in the dark, so just listen.)
Ellen’s Hail Mary

Now, off to Jen!


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  1. says

    I love love love the picture of the kid in the Catholic book store. YAY Jesus.

    Here’s the thing about facebook. I’d keep it. I actually feel pretty passionately about solid people keeping facebook.
    It’s like an awesome thing. This facebook. But here’s what I’d do.
    I wouldn’t necessarily defriend people (It ’tisn’t a nice witness) but I would block a crud ton of people from showing up in my newsfeed.
    That way, I can have the most pleasureable viewing experience.
    I just really like the facebook.

    • Jenna says

      I love the Facebook too. I think I am going to take your advice and just clean up shop by tailoring my news feed. Then I can fb in peace ;)

      • says

        I second the blocking. I have friends from all over the place and when their posts start to bother me, I just block them for awhile. (It was the only way my FB feed was tolerable this election season.)

  2. says

    Your little one does look like her cousins. :)

    We’re in MI too, and it snowed today, woot! Merry Christmas! Visiting from the Weekend Blog Walk. :)

  3. says

    I totally knew which one was Ellen :) I have no problem unfriending people. Those who I don’t talk to on a frequent basis get unfriended. They won’t even miss it. Others I just block so I don’t have to see their updates, especially if they are frequently political. It just annoys me. But…um….you and I aren’t even friends on Facebook….what’s up with that?? ;)