7 Quick Takes vol. 31

Enjoying my kryptonite while blogging. It’s nap time in this house.


Just spent sehehehe-veral minutes looking for Ellen’s snack cup in the toy store before we could leave the joint. It doesn’t help that it is brightly colored.


Then we made it out to the grocery store for some food finery. Ellen ate a free sample of live-cultured yogurt, so this should be an interesting afternoon.


Baby brain strikes again: I couldn’t leave the house today until Ellen finished her business (sorry, Ellen). I thought, “I’ll just change her diaper and then we can head out of here.” Turns out I forgot about the change the diaper part until we got home. Poor girl.


As I was leaving the grocery store, I was putting Ellen in the car with her big ol’ coat and all the groceries and all the yada yada. I looked next to me and a mom was lowering the ramp of her minivan so she could get her young son’s wheel chair in there along with his big ol’ coat and all her groceries and yada yada. I had to thank God for all of the little annoyances in my life. They aren’t so bad. Not bad at all.


I have one Christmas present left to make! One! It’s a small one too. A stocking stuffer really. Whew.


I also made 50 blankets for a craft show I am doing on Wednesday. I’ll let you know how it goes; be sure of that. I am thinking of making a few more things, if I have time between blogging, Facebook and making Asparagus Gruyere Tarts (yeah, I’m making that, mmmm).


I hope you liked reading all about the day in the life of a SAHM. Now, go relax a little. I don’t want you to get too riled up. Off off, visit Jen.

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