7 Quick Takes vol. 30 That Day…


Before I start, did you enter my Santa Clara ad space giveaway? You can do that here. Ok. Onward. We celebrated Mike’s birthday on Monday. The big 2-5. I told you I’d keep you updated. We lazed around all day long, ate a lot, and then took Ellen to school in the evening. Let’s talk about the food more. I made this and this. You must do the same.


More birthday chatter. I can’t handle this audio clip. I swear, when she uses this voice, it can melt the heart of the Grinch himself.
Happy Birthday to Daddy

Other Ellen phrases this month:
“Mima n’ Geep at home? Other car?”
“Daddy toots!”
“Mama? Up?/More?/Down?/etc. Peese? Okay!”
“Ah-ah-ah-choo! Bess you!”
“I gon gitchoo!”
“Beep Beep Beep! Alllll town!” (Wheels on the Bus?)
“Mommy is seeping (sleeping). Daddy is seeping. Mima…Geep…meow…)”
“Mommy? Are youuuuu? Oh! Dare are!” (insert anything she is wondering about in place of Mommy)

And she learned all the words to her favorite songs which she makes her baby dolls sing all.day.long.
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Twinkle Twinkle
Row Row Row Your Boat
Ram Sam Sam

I’m sorry. I can’t help myself sometimes. She counts to ten too. Ok, I’m done.


Thank you, Facebook, for migrating all of the groups I ever joined since creating a profile on Facebook. I was so glad to be reminded of how embarrassingly awkward I was. Also, I think you added me to some groups that I am fairly certain I was never originally part of. For instance, I don’t recall ever having an affiliation with D’s Nuts or Egypt Lovers. I don’t mean to be sour; maybe it’s because…


Wednesday was straight from the devil himself. Let’s start from the very tippity top, okay? We woke and got ready for my mom’s group. I was bringing another mom dinner (new baby!) as well as bringing a dish to pass for brunch that morning. I had the diaper bag on one shoulder, food on another, purse on another (?) and a baby hanging on my leg and one in my uterus. We somehow made it all the way to the parking garage and loaded ourselves in my not-a-minivan-ahem-Mike-hint-hint-ahem and headed to the church. As soon as we made our first stop at the nursery to drop Ellen off, she threw her being on the ground and screamed a scream of a thousand screams. Separation anxiety much? They said to me, “You can take her with you today if you think that’s best.” Code for: “Not dealing with that today, thanks.” So, off we waddled, and she behaved swimmingly and even sang her ABCs for the group. Points. Let’s move on to another take before these become not-quick.


Afterwards, I wanted to run errands, but left my phone at home, so we ran back inside super-quick to get it. Ellen was an errand champ today, so I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Then, she fell asleep in the car while I patiently waited for her to wake up so we could eat Mexican food from the food court. Mmmm. Right now, things look good right? Why is she complaining, you say? Be patient. You’ll get your laugh. So, we exit the car to get our tacos, and Mike has the stroller in his trunk. Thank you. I will rent one for $5 now. We haul it down to the other side of the mall to get our stroller, and I’m in luck. The only strollers they have are super agile and not embarrassing in the very little least.


We’re gonna keep talking about this. We made it into a department store after lunch, and I want you to take note of the 6-foot pole that says “mall racer” on the side of that beast. Also take note of the super wide wheels on our whip. I’m strolling through the dress displays at the front of the store when the wheels ever so gracefully caught a display. I desperately grabbed for the rack to save it, but ended up holding the annoying large and unnecessary pole. Flash forward to Ellen screaming “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!” while I frantically try to pick up an entire display of holiday clothes from the floor of the very front of the busy store. Let’s leave. So we run in and out of a few more stores and I decide it’s time to go home. Ellen is not happy about leaving her car, so she screams. Not just screams, but throws an epic tantrum of volcanic proportions while I attempt to gather her, my 57 bags of sorts and truck it across to the other side of the mall so we can just leave, pretty please? By the time we got home, I was *literally* dripping in sweat while I tried to get screaming Ellen and our shopping cart (It’s a far walk; we need these. I wish that was sarcasm.) of goods into the apartment. I put her down, run to change my clothes, and come back to her tower of diaper boxed she stacked and is standing on top of in the kitchen. I ran to grab her before she fell only to fall smack on my pregnant asymptote because the dishwasher had overflowed all over my kitchen floor while we were gone. Needless to say, we watched a lot of TV afterwards, and my underwire came off early that night.We may also have had Goldfish crackers and raisins for dinner. I don’t want to give away too many details.

“Mama? Stuuuuuck?” Kind of the theme for our day.


On the bright side of things, I got a totally cute Christmas outfit for myself and a little Christmas shopping done for those who I love enough to spend money on. And, if I’m being really honest here, I bought two really cute outfits: one for me and one for a present. I might just have to try them both on and decide who would look better in which. Am I the only one who does that?

Now visit Jen, please. And go here and click the audio option. And then go to Google and type in “askew”. Ok, you’re done now.

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  1. says

    7- you’re not the only one that does that. I do that all the time.
    That meal looks delicious in 1 and happy birthday to your husband!
    And that picture of Ellen is adorable.
    Oh and I was RIDICULOUSLY awkward in my old facebook days. I’m so glad I can see all the random things I liked.. lol

  2. Trish says

    Oh No!!! She has her leg stuck in the pedal strap of your exercise bike!!! The other one I’m pretty sure she was just taking a moment to pray for you that day :))

  3. says

    Ohmygosh, I could not stop laughing. (I hope that’s not rude.) Although I have at least ten years on you, I still have those kind of days! But it’s always nice to know that it’s not just me…it’s just part of being a mom. Oh and as for the Christmas shopping, last weekend I was able to check one name off the Christmas list – mine. (Brian and the kids are gong to *love* what they got me!) LOL Thanks for sharing and hope today is much smoother! And if its not, at least you’ll have material for another great post. ;-)

    • Jenna says

      Not rude at all! This weekend went much better than that day…minus the tantrums, but that’s just a part of being a toddler. Rough stuff! I’m glad you got yourself crossed off. Are you sure you bought yourself enough??

    • Jenna says

      Judging from the personality Henry already seems to have, you’ll have plenty of blogging material in the near future!

  4. says

    Buwahahaha, on the trying both on to see which fits. What if you like them both?!??! LOLOL

    Visiting from the weekend blog hop. Your daughter sounds like such a gem. :)

  5. says

    A toddler at the mall; I could totally see where these QT were headed. I was having a flashback of the time I took my two oldest, then 2 and 1 in a double stroller for some Christmas shopping and one of the front wheels broke clean off in the middle of the store. I had to hoof it back across the entire mall on three wheels to the parking lot.
    Being a mom is sweaty, sweaty business. We really deserve more showers than we get.