7 Quick Takes Vol. 22

In honor of this week’s presidential debate, this whole Quick Takes will be dedicated to the event! Psych! I don’t hate myself like that.
So, I was painting sugar skulls today (naturally), and I was surfing the web for paint ideas. I happened upon this one website with cool ideas so I started browsing the blog with my skull in front of me. Then, this crackly bass (As in the instrument, not the fish. That might have made it even scarier.) noise started coming from the skull. I have had them for over a year, and I am certain they do not make noise. I freaked the freak and was about to throw the forsaken things out the window (no joke) when I realized the music was coming from the blog and that I am an idiot.
1 of 3, in progress:

I taught Ellen how to crunch leaves the other day. Today we found a big ol’ pile of them for her to jump it. She was pretty thrilled about the whole thing:

You know your kid is Catholic when…
Sporting the Matt Damon circa 1998:
I finished Ellen’s Halloween costume yesterday. It’s pretty dope. Check it out:
Get it? A ketchup packet. A Hines ketchup packet. Get it?

Mike and I are trying to decide what to do on Saturday. We are either going to go on a scenic drive and look at the pretty leaves (with a toddler in the back seat who can handle the car for one hour, and ONE HOUR ONLY!) or, we are considering going to Amish country to eat jam and buy wooden things and be simple and calm. I hope I didn’t color your thoughts or anything, but what do you think? A vote? A vote!

Now go see Jen and tell her congrats!
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  1. Jill Schnuphase says

    I vote for Amish country – but I love all things old fashioned and am still trying to figure out how to be Catholic and Amish which would be Catholicamish – sounds wrong. Anyhoo – LOVE the Halloween costume, you are just so clever! Enjoyed all of the pictures of that puddum of yours too, she is such a cutie-petutie. Have fun crunching in the leaves!

  2. Kim Russell says

    I was just talking at work about Amish country. Not sure why….can’t remember with who. But sounds like a plan so then Ellen can get out of the car. If you were in MI, you could have taken her to the ren fest last month…….just saying :)

  3. says

    Oh man! This whole post had me giggling, from top to bottom :) I am so jealous of your on-top-of-it-ness with the decorating and the costume and all. I have done exactly zero preparation and there are 5 kids, apparently, relying on my genius. Um…sorry? Will that cover it? #worstmomever

  4. KathleenBasi says

    #2 made me laugh. #1 made me laugh. Ha! My children cannot settle on what they want to be for Halloween. I have given them a Monday deadline to MAKE UP THEIR MINDS BECAUSE WE CANNOT CHANGE OUR MINDS AT THE LAST MINUTE. :)

  5. Jen @ Ginger Guide says

    Dude, I feel ya on the one hour only thing. It gets a little hairy after that. Snacks and entertainment must be provided. And I love the Halloween costume! We are total slackers and haven’t even started that yet. Sully is probably going to be scarred for life by not trick or treating at the ripe old age of 21 months.