7 Quick Takes vol. 21 Hubs Edish

Lately, Jenna has been blowing my mind with dinner. Lasagna. Stuffed jalapenos. Brinner. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Three killer meals in a row. The drawback is that I hate doing the dishes but I have to do it every day. Yesterday I got the bright idea to bring a radio into the kitchen so that I could listen to music. It was great. Oh, and nachos all the time. Yessssssssss.
Hi everyone, my name is Mike. I’m Jenna’s husband. Here are a few facts about me in case you’d like to know: I like being a dad, I like disc golf, and I have a beard.
I really want to tune my car. I can spend $500 and get 50hp and 90ftlb of torque just from new software. Thank goodness for turbos. I can’t stop thinking about it. I also want these wheels:
I just saw a commercial for Old Navy that featured the Back Street Boys. I bet if I went back to 1999 and told them they would be advertising for the cheapest clothes available, they would be very sad… or maybe they wouldn’t care because they have gobs and gobs of money… or do they???
I love Minnesota and the Twin Cities. There’s tons of stuff for Jenna, Ellen and me to do. My job is also great. Having said that, I’m also really excited to move somewhere new in 5 months or less. It will be an adventure!
I have at least 9 different apps on my phone and iPad for reading news and stuff. Many of them (like Flipboard) are really cool, however, I pretty much only read CNET and Automobile Magazine on a daily basis. They cover 90% of everything I ever need (want) to know. My favorite blogger is Chris Matyszczyk (I’ve never even attempted to say that name out loud). He is flipping hilarious.
I haven’t written this much since high school.
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  1. mary says

    What a good husband, contributing to the blog :) And, I can’t believe you guys are moving again! Kind of jealous of your family adventures. The husband and I kick around the idea of one day relocating (he has the type of job where if we wanted to, we could look for a job somewhere else). Half of me REALLY wants to do it, half of me would be terrified. :)