7 Quick Takes Vol. 10

— 1 —
I put a cup over an earwig so that Mike could take care of it when he got home from work. Then, I heard that same cup banging against the coffee table after Ellen decided to set the nasty free. So, I remained calm (freaked out) because I couldn’t find it, and they have a habit of crawling on us. So, I ripped off her diaper to make sure it hadn’t crawled in her clothes (so brave). When I did that, some poop flew out and I thought it was the earwig so I flung it across the room, and now I have bugs and poop all over my living room. The end.
— 2 —

I had acrylics put on my nails on Sunday. I have never done this before, but I need to stop picking at my cuticles and what not, and I also wanted to look a little more 1995.
— 3 —
While I was writing this, Ellen starting crying while reading one of her board books. I thought she had gotten to a really sad part or something, but when I looked, she had got her fingers in the pages and stepped on it so her fingers were stuck. The book was called Fingerplay. Ha. ha.
— 4 —

The uninvited shower guest strikes again.

— 5 —
If you’re looking for a super simple summer dessert, don’t check my house – I ate it all. But, here is the pin. Pin it. Make it. Love it.
— 6 —
We are taking Ellen on her first airplane ride tomorrow morning at the reasonable hour of 6am. Please say prayers for our safety and that my horrible fear of flying is not transfered on to my daughter tomorrow.
— 7 —
So, where are we going? We’re heading back to the Mitten to celebrate Ellen’s first birthday. One year ago today, I was cursing the heat and swearing that I would die if a baby did not pop out of me by July 23rd. Ellen made it one day early. Thank you, love.

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Bonus Quick Take: Have any of you Blogger users noticed that Google added a permalink function to the post editor? Woo Hoo! Thanks, Goog.
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  1. Vicki says

    Oh my I hate earwigs too!!!! Isaac has a weird bite on his torso and I am convinced it’s from an earwig!! Remie says its a spider bite, I disagree!!!
    You all will do just great on the plane!! My kids fly all the time and the younger they are, the better. Nurse Ellen during take off and landing (if she will cooperate) and she will do just fine.
    Can’t wait for the party!

  2. Ana Hahn says

    So hilarious. I hate flying too and am so glad I never have to do it as I am sure I would transfer my irrational anxieties to my kids, because that’s the kind of gal I am.
    Have a great trip, I’ll say a prayer for ya!

  3. Jill Schnuphase says

    You have me cracking up today!!! I will say some prayers for all of you tomorrow for traveling mercies and also for your wonderful dad who is picking you up :)

  4. Jen @ Ginger Guide says

    First, I don’t even know what an earwig is but it already freaks me out. I once trapped a centipede in the bathroom sink with saran wrap and sat on the kitchen table with a vacuum until Mike got home. Second, those bars look awesome. Third, Holy crap, ellen is one???? Oh my, where does the time go?? and Finally, I used to be terrified to fly. Like cold sweat -panic attack scared but having Sullivan actually helped. I was so distracted trying to make sure he didn’t scream the entire time, I barely even noticed the flight.

  5. says

    Oh the joys of motherhood. Try having a husband who’s more afraid of bugs than you are… The “bug duty” always falls to me in our house. :(