7 Quick Takes – Ordinary Ones


This happened this week. I had to pull over to take a picture. You’re welcome. The rest of the takes are just downhill from here.



Just this week alone has been the best week I have had in quite some time. I’m talking like two years. Not even drama-ing you. We are finally back in MI near family and friends. I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary, but it just feels so good to pop over to my SIL’s house or go to a fish fry with friends. It makes the days so much nicer.



Uterus baby has been using my ribs as a footrest, so rocking Ellen to sleep is a no-go. We have taken to driving around in the car around 1pm until she falls asleep at which point I hit up the nearest drive thru for a Diet Coke – don’t judge me.


turns out a large is not what it used to be


I’m sure everyone knows today is National Women’s Day. I’m also fairly certain that no one would know that if it wasn’t on Google’s homepage. Regardless, if you’re looking to do a little something charitable for the X chromosomes in the world, check out my last post here. It’s a good one.


Why couldn’t Jen have made this into 5 Quick Takes? She gives us too much credit.


Considering going to BlogHer this year since it is in Chicago. Is anyone else thinking about going? Just me?


Don’t you love those nights when you just have a really good and productive conversation with your hubs? Like, you just air it all out and no one storms away and no one cries and no one acts like a 5-year-old (who me?). I love those nights. We had one of those nights. Ahhhh.


duck face much?


some text


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  1. says

    Thise conversations are the best, and I am so glad you are home. I am excited for when we accidentally run into each other in real life

  2. Rakhi says

    Glad you are home, too! And please, no judging here… I’d love to have an evening that didn’t feel like we were on an assembly line with the kids to be able to have a good talk with the Hubs. Hard to connect sometimes these days as we rush between jobs, ministries, chores and kids… Sigh. Really hoping to meet you / get together one of these days!