7 Quick Takes – Excited to Be in Mich Edish

Or, seven reasons I am glad to be back…besides the obvs.
We’re just settling in and unpacking today, so, um, this is what you get.


Meijer: More specifically, being able to buy wine and food in the same place. Yeah, I can’t do wine right now, but the idea that I can buy wine and food in one stop again is pleasing to my palate.



Vernors: Ginger ale is weak in MN. I mean, it doesn’t even have ginger in it. And when I drink it, it doesn’t make me sneeze and it doesn’t make my nose burn like crazy the first few sips. That stuff? That’s ginger ale.



Non-redic Speed Limits: I am by no means a fast driver. I like to hover at five above if I want to live dangerously. Here? I’m getting pulled over like a common criminal. 35 is not an acceptable speed on a large, open road, my friends.



Somerset Mall: Is that weird? We have the Mall of America here, but let me let you in on a little secret: it has the same stores as most other malls, but it just has two or three of them. Somerset has my j. Crew, Banana, Loft, Crate n Barrel, J. Jill, Sephora…I’m sounding like I have money to shop. I don’t. But the browsing is nice.


Football Games: I am not huge into football unless I am watching Michigan State. Mike and I can finally go back and catch a few games at our alma mater. Memories.



Lukich’s: Best Polish food you’ve ever done eaten. Whenever we visited MI, I demanded to go here. It’s the tiniest little family diner place, but the food is abundant and delish. Perogis? Sauerkraut? Vinegar Cole Slaw? Stuffed cabbage? Drool.


Date Nights: We don’t get a lot of these outside of the house. I can’t wait until I can call my mom and say, “Mike and I want to go out to dinner somewhere that has high top tables and requires a necklace. Can you take our bundle of joy and temper tantrums?” She’ll be all, “Of course!” And we shall feast like royalty…or something like that.

I make it sound like MN is the worst. It’s not. Remember my post two weeks ago? The Mitten just has an edge when it comes to most things. I may be biased. Maybe.

Go see Jen in TX. They do things bigger there.


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  1. says

    Came across your blog through a link-up for WIWSunday. I can totally identify to this post–I did missionary work in East Lansing. I had to chuckle a little because it brought back MI memories. Thanks for the little reminder of the Mitten :)

  2. says

    Meijer – if you coupon follow bargainstobounty.com she’s local and obviously so are you since you are talking about Somerset. You can’t forget our Bettermaid chips and Faygo pop. The scenery and all our inland lakes and of course the Great Lakes! I’m in Michigan (Macomb Cty.. Welcome home to our great state!

  3. Gretchen Linenger says

    I’ve never heard of that Polish restaurant. Good to know there is a good one around here! I will have to try it out. So glad you’re back!:-)

  4. Jeanne G. says

    I live in Ohio, but I’m married to a native Michigander (and MSU alum). I love Meijer and Vernor’s, and Polish food… Too bad that restaurant is like an hour away from my in-laws!

  5. Liz Timmerman says

    We are so glad you are back! And you have made us a believer out of that Polish restaurant. Vinegar cole slaw, heavenly soups, and a Polish platter combo that includes crepes, pierogis and potato pancakes all on one plate? Yup, Michigan is great!