7 Quick Takes {I say “blog” a lot, then Ellen falls asleep}


Ellen was mad at me on Wednesday. I was pretty much glued to my phone and Twitter while watching EWTN. I am guessing that watching a smokestack was not on her list of things to do that day. She kept saying, “No phone! No pope!”

via catholic memes

via catholic memes


Did you hear that Google Reader is dying? Is Google trying to make itself obsolete? I already made the switch to WordPress, wrote angry things about the demise of Picnik, refuse to use Google +, and had to get rid of my Google Friend Connect. I still have my mail and my reader…until July, I suppose. If you’re truly interested, read here for more. Also, if you know of a similar reader that you like, please let me know. I would be forever grateful. I am slightly obsessed with reading my blogs. Gets momma through the day.


Ok, strike that. I think I am going to use Bloglovin’. Humph. You can follow my blog on Bloglovin’ here:

Follow on Bloglovin


It’s official:

BlogHer '13


I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about our new house yet. Maybe because we are still living with my parents – living the dream. Maybe because we still have six weeks until we can move in. Maybe we are still trying to figure out a name for this child and that is on my mind. Maybe I’m just a little lazy. I’m going with that…mostly because it is true. I’ll blog about it – later.


I took Ellen out to lunch yesterday. We got pizza. Apparently that poor child was very tired.



I’ve convinced myself that I need this. It smells like love and wonder. Who wants to get it for me?


Go see Jen for more Squakes.

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    • Jenna says

      So far so good. There are a couple of features I wish it had: I wish you could read the full post in the reader, and I also wish that when you scrolled past a post, it auto marked as read. But, I think those are minor things that I will get used to/end up liking!

  1. says

    I’m a fan of bloglovin’! I just started checking out Feedly too though… I’m a fan of that as well. I may be switching!

  2. says

    Love that pic of Ellen. Mine routinely fall asleep whilst eating. Well, the boy anyway. The girl never sleeps at meals…just talks. And talks. And talks. She was, however, sleeping through the hubbub of Habemus Papam so I felt less guilty about being glued to my television screen. Actually I didn’t feel guilty in the least – just glad I wasn’t irritated with Little Miss Chatterbox.

    I use Feedly on my phone and love it – stinks that I am going to have to go and manually enter all the blogs I follow, but I suppose I have until this summer. Not sure what Google is doing. I stay on Blogger because it has more free features, like video sharing. Yes, I am cheap. If I’m wrong about that for WordPress, please enlighten me!!

    • Jenna says

      It was so weird. She has NEVER done anything like that before. It’s always an epic battle.

      And, as far as WordPress.com, I don’t know what you can and cannot do. I use WordPress.org, which yes, does cost money :/

  3. says

    I switched over the Feedly the other day and I’m liking it so far. It’s really easy to use and very pretty. Plus, there are a bunch of options for the style of the reader.