#5Faves: Things I Learned from Konmari


For my 30th birthday coming up, I told Mike I wanted only one thing: for us both to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and to implement it. So, this past weekend, we enlisted my rents to corral the kidlets while we Komaried our house. And, we didn’t just pick and choose items. We.cleaned.out. It’s, like, spartan in here. And I love it. LOVE it. Here’s why:

5 Things I Learned from Konmari

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We only have what we use. There aren’t tons of other objects and whatnots cluttering up the house. If it’s in our house, we use it. If we didn’t use it, it went away. Now the house looks fresh and picked up all day long. There is no more scrambling at the end of the day to get toys put away or to shove items back into closets only to be pulled out the next morning. Everything has a home either in our home or at Goodwill.


We were forced to confront our pasts, presents and futures. We couldn’t just hang on to things because we used to like them. We got rid of items that we thought we should save, but they just reminded us of times in our lives we’d rather forget. We had to look at what we use and need NOW. And we got rid of things that we might use someday.


Speaking of someday: by getting rid of all of the “someday” items, other people will be able to use those items right now. Why would we hang on to a huge bunk bed set for years when our kids aren’t ready for them yet? Someone else’s kids could be sleeping in it. And, when the time comes, I’m sure we will find more bunk beds. People love giving those away.


It’s kinda scary letting go of something you might need later. What a waste of money, right? But, if I give up my attachment to material items, I am saying, “Lord, I trust you with my future. I will not keep more than I need right now because I know you will provide when the time comes.”


Less.To.Clean. So much less. I hated having things in my house that I had to clean and which also brought me no joy. Talk about a total downer. Less stuff equal less time dusting and washing and wiping and fixing.


We are still tallying the number of bags we donated to Goodwill. And the total is not in yet for the cash money from items sold. But, I can tell you this: the count is currently around 60-70 garbage bags donated or in the trash. That is not including large items like tents, skis, bikes, strollers, etc. And it’s not including any of the items we are selling. Our entire garage is packed to the brim with just the “to be sold” items at the moment.

That might give you an idea of how much we purged. And I know you can do it too. It is liberating because it’s not just a deep cleaning, it’s a lifestyle change.

I could type out pages and pages about our experience, tips for doing it with a family, and ways to confront common problems, but you can find that stuff all over the web. I’m just going to tell you to read the book, pick a weekend, and do it right.

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Would you ever Konmari your home? Tell me in the comments or link up your #5Faves (about anything!) below.  .

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  1. says

    What great tips! Loving them. I could TOTALLY Konmari my home….it’s my hubby who has to keep every bloody thing he ever owned.sigh. well, not EVERY. But it seems that way! I’v heard of this title but you’ve made it seem quite attractive here…thank you! Will check it out!

    Thanks for hosting!!

    Will be back tmrw to peruse and comment when some have joined in ….God bless!

  2. Pat says

    You guys were fierce that’s for sure. I watched piles and piles of stuff leave your home. I remember always telling you kids when you were growing up, “it’s only stuff” I never wanted you to get attached to “stuff ” Mission accomplished. Now let’s work on your dad.

  3. says

    We are just finishing cleaning out my parents’ home, and my mom was a pack rat who hung on to everything. Her house was always clean, but it occupied so much of her time. In going through all these items that were saved for me, I realized how silly it is to keep things just to keep them. I have been purging our home as well. We are also moving to a new home at the same time, and I keep telling my family that if you aren’t using it and don’t absolutely love it, get rid of it. I’m so tired of the clutter!

  4. Kari says

    Wow, wow, wow!! I bet it feels awesome to move about your “spartan” home now but I just can’t imagine going that drastic! I have so many questions – was your husband on board after he read the book or did it take some convincing?? Did you get rid of ALL of your baby/kid stuff you weren’t using?? What were the kids’ reactions? Probably none of my beeswax, I’m just so impressed!

  5. says

    “Lord, I trust you with my future…I know you will provide.” That is SO good. I know I’ll be saying that over and over as I continue to work through our closets this weekend. Thank you.

  6. Sharon Jones says

    Yes, I purchased the book, now just to find time to read it and put into practice. Love reading your progress and inspiration.