#5Faves: Summer Beverages


You COULD waste your time at the store and behind the blender making something that your kids are going to beg for sips of. OR, you could just stick to the classics. My classics. My favorite classics, in fact.

This summer, forget the multi-ingredient, involved recipes. Take it easy with these simple drink recipes. I don’t even feel right saying recipes. You can buy a lot of these at the store… | drinks alcohol | drink recipes


LaCroix: We are all obsessed with this now, yes? I know Brigid feels me. And, how did I never think of this (let me count the ways): you can make the best cocktails with these fizzy beasts.


Juice Spritzers: You know how you water down juice for the kids so they don’t drive you insane because it’s healthier for them? Do that for you2. My tongue is classy, so I prefer to dilute with San Pellegrino. I think their bubbles are actually smaller and poppier than others.


Mojitos: There are so many complicated drink recipes out there, and I’m all, “pour some tequila into my tonic water, please. That’ll do.” So, I would like to harken back to the days of olde, before Pinterest muddled up our alcohol – get it? Make yourself one of these simple dudes.


Capri Sun: Mike bought these for the kids the other day when they were sick. I told him to make sure he bought Pacific Cooler…for the kids. Also, did you know that there is less spillage if you drink a little off the top before giving it to your toddler. It’s just basic, smart parenting.


Champagne: Because every morning you make it through is worth celebrating.

What are your favorite mamma dranks? Tell me in the comments or link up your #5Faves (about anything!) below.  .

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  1. says

    Can I recommend the Lazy Piña Colada? Pineapple-coconut juice, half a frozen banana, shot of rum – blend that up. And top with bitters if you’re fancy like that.

  2. says

    I’ll throw a virgin Sex on the Beach into the mix because I’m allergic to alcohol. Orange juice and Cran-Cherry juice. Can’t go wrong there.

  3. says

    Yum! We made our own margaritas this week: just a little lime juice (I used a Breville juicer! Does that make it healthy?) , mineral water, tequila, ice, and simple syrup. So refreshing. And I’m such a LaCroix person, myself.

  4. says

    I went to Sam’s Club yesterday mostly to get LaCroix water and it was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Sad day… :( I have 8 left… I need to find more… :)

  5. says

    This makes me want booze. And I love water with a little bit of juice. Aaron totally makes fun of me for it. I’m talking 1/4 juice and the rest icecold water. Apple, grape, orange, doesn’t matter.

    I need to try this leCroix business.

    And you know my feelings on champagne