#5Faves: Simple Ways to Live Laudato Si’


With how much the Catholic Church has been in the news lately, you’d think we weren’t one of the oldest institutions on earth. But, you know.

In the wake of Pope Francis’ encyclical titled Laudato Si’, Catholics (and all humans, really) have been reminded of where the Church stands on environmental issues and what role we play in that.

So, here are my five favorite simple ways to care for our earth.

Make everyday Earth Day by incorporating into your daily life these 5 simple ways to care for the planet. The laundry tip is my favorite because it helps the earth AND saves me time in the laundry room. | environment | environmental education

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Stop Junk Mail: I read somewhere that the average adult receives 41lbs of junk mail each year. Stop the insanity by signing up with Opt Out Prescreen and Catalog Choice.


Eat Until You’re Full: It’s no secret that many people eat way more than they should while their neighbors worry about the next meal. Vow to eat until you’re full, and keep a close eye on expiration dates. Pope Francis preaches, “Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry.”


Think Before You Buy: Ask yourself can I borrow or rent this? Do I have something I could use instead or repurpose? Can I buy this used? Can I make do without it?


Buy a Bag: I know, I just told you to stop buying stuff. But, try keeping a small reusable bag in your purse or car so you can say no to paper or plastic at every store – not just grocery shopping. If you don’t have something you can use or can’t find a used one, shop small.


Rewear Your Clothes: Want to know a secret? I don’t wash my clothes each time I wear them – underwear and socks excluded. Not only do I hate doing extra laundry, but if something doesn’t smell or look dirty, I don’t want to waste the water, soap, electricity and time it costs to wash it.

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What are your best tips for saving the planet, captain? Tell me in the comments or link up your #5Faves (about anything!) below.  .

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  1. says

    Yes! All these things are such small things to do, but they can really add up. Around here I leave the A/C set at 78 and use ceiling fans or box fans if it feels too warm. I buy tons of stuff used (despite my DH’s protests). I always plan my outings & driving routes to minimize mileage & gas usage…and I try not to make extra or unnecessary trips anywhere. This fall, when my son starts at the local public elementary school…we’ll be walking or riding bikes instead of driving him there daily. The walk adds about an hour and 10 minutes to my daily routine (I’m looking at you, slow 2yo!), but unless there’s severe weather, we can use the exercise and save the gas & emissions.

  2. says

    These are great suggestions! I finally got completely in the habit of carrying bags with me since all plastic bags have been banned here and you have to pay for a paper bag. That’s an incentive to bring your own! :-) Lately I’ve been especially working on not throwing out food and using up leftovers! (Or just making a little less in the first place.) Thanks for hosting!