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I think alliteration is my least favorite of all the literary devices. :::thinking::: Yes, it is. Irony though. I like irony a whole bunch. Oh, and hyperbole is the greatest thing to happen to the earth. None of this has to do with the following:



Ann Taylor Scarf: So soft and snuggly and 40% off. All things that I love.


Gap Knit Hat: The lady at the store insisted that we must be from a colder climate because I would have to be insane to buy this hat for West Palm Beach. She was right about the climate. But I am also insane.


G.H. Bass & Co. Gold Watch: I have always been in love with the oversized Michael Kors gold watches, but guess what? They cost a lot of money and I would scratch it. And honestly, it’s more of a fashion statement than a functional piece. So, um, I got this one for 60% off. It tells time. It makes that statement.


Yankee Candles: I think I mentioned before how smitten I am with the Autumn Leaves candle at Yankee. Bought a big ol’ jumbo one at the outlet for penn-ays on the dollah dollah bill, y’all.


Sloane Ranger Weekender Bag: Yet another outlet find. Because at outlets you can spend as much money as you want, and you never feel guilty. Right? Right??

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    Trying to teach a class of 9-11 year olds about alliteration at our homeschool co-op – it is hysterical listening to the super silly sentences they come up with! (pun intended). Thanks for hosting five-favorites!

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    We lived 15 min from West Palm Beach and it was SO great when they had all their winter sales. We needed warm winter clothes to visit all our Midwestern fam and knew we would be moving north in January…and no one there bought any of the warm stuff! We snagged many, many sweaters and pants for our baby boy at a mega Gymboree sale and it was amazing shopping with no competition haha.