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Just about anyone can publish a book these days, but it doesn’t always mean that they should. Ahem. Luckily, I run in a pretty rad crowd of bloggers and authors. So, check out these mindful and faith-based ebooks for mothers guaranteed to make you the best mom in your town – or at least your house.

5 best ebooks for moms looking for some inspiration. Perfect gifts for moms with faith in God. Or, treat yourself to a mini retreat with these books worth reading. All books are authored by bloggers who are moms just like me and you. I am most excited to read the work from home ideas book! | mom gifts | inspirational quotes | mindfulness quotes | faithful quotes |



A Catholic Mom’s Guide to Working From Home: 101 Tips to Help You Make Money Without a Commute

“Society tells women that we can’t have it both ways. But I am telling you that you can. You can stay at home with your children and also make money, and I will give you 101 tips to make it happen. This guide will give you, in a Catholic context, ideas on: how to decide the job that is right for you, how to make time for an at-home job, work time vs. family life, Catholic spiritual advice and practical tips on everything from taxes to web design. If you want to start making money at home, this is the booklet for you.”


Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting

“In Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting Laura Kelly Fanucci sees the Catholic sacraments through the smudged and sticky lens of life with little ones. From dinnertime chaos to bath-time giggles to never-ending loads of laundry, Laura stumbles into the surprising truth of what the seven sacraments really mean: that God is present always, even in the messes of motherhood. A spiritual memoir of parenting’s early years and a sacramental theology rooted in family life, Everyday Sacrament offers an honest, humorous, and hopeful look at ordinary moments as full of grace.”


Rosaries Aren’t Just for Teething

“In this beautiful collection of reflections, written by Catholic mothers, you’ll come to better know the heart of Mary.” And, just a little FYI, I may or may not have written a reflection for this one. Ok, I can’t keep you in the dark. I did. I wrote part of this book!


Minimize the Mess

“The reality is that Minimalism means allowing only the things that serve a purpose in your home. It’s OK to have toys and kitchen gadgets, as long as they are being used and aren’t taking over the house.  It’s when those things aren’t being used and that you find yourself stressing over the messes that keep popping up everywhere. This book will walk you through the process of going through each room of your home and identifying which items are causing the clutter. You’ll find practical suggestions for dealing with toys, books and sentimental items as well as tips and tricks to help you sell the items you no longer need.”


Faith Beginnings: Family Nurturing from Birth Through Preschool

“Faith Beginnings helps parents form and nurture their infant, toddler, and preschool children’s development with concrete activities and suggestions.” I love this one because when I was a new mom, I always struggled with what I should do with my baby all day. Everyone told me to just relax and enjoy her, and that’s true, you should! But, I am a doer. I don’t like to just sit. I enjoy my children more when I am doing with them. This book will help you in that area.

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What are your fave books by bloggers? Tell me in the comments or link up your #5Faves (about anything!) below.  .

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    There’s also Hallie Lord’s book on spicing up your marriage as well as books by Jen Fulwiler, Elizabeth Esther, and Simcha Fisher.

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    These look like great recommendations! I did purchase Minimize the Mess and am working on that now. :) But I love the ease of (good) e-books and how quick they are to read, plus being able to pull them up on the phone while nursing is great. :)