#5Faves: Beat the Winter Blues

I’ve never been hugely pregnant in the winter before, so maybe that’s it, but this winter has been a rough one. I feel like the days are actually shorter than they have ever been and the sun is shining less than it ever has. Drama.

That being so, I’ve never really thought to find ways to “beat the winter blues,” but this year I’m trying it all. Here are my #5Faves:

Take it from me, winter is hard. Here are my best, simple tips for beating the winter blues. Find anxiety relief and depression help in five easy ways. The last tip is the key.



Get out of the house no matter how long it takes. With two kids and coatsbootsgloveshatsscarves, it feels insurmountable. But if I just tell myself it’s going to take a while and plan to go somewhere that won’t exhaust me too much, it’s so worth it. I don’t feel as bad when I come home and plop them in front of the TV while I recover. Often we run to the gym for…exercise. You knew that. That’s good for you too.


Buy a therapy light and take your vitamin D. I have it on good authority that these things work. I don’t want to brag or anything, but a couple of doctors told me these things really make a difference. Yeah, I know doctors.


Get dressed and make the bed each day. It is soooo easy to sit around in my jams, but by the time 2pm rolls around, I always regret it. I just feel more productive and stuff like dat when I do these things.


Use essential oils and elderberry syrup so you don’t get sick on top of being stuck in your cabin with that fever. I like OnGuard by Doterra, and you can make your own syrup if ya like. Google it. For more info on essential oils, check out my guide.


Embrace winter. Accept winter. It’s not like hating it will make it go away faster. Just come to terms with the idea that the days are shorter (but gradually getting longer!), and the kids are going to get stir-crazy, and it’s cold, and and and. It’s just the way it is. Make a paper chain or something and count down the days. The kids might like that, right?


What are your hot tips for beating the cold?

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    • Jenna says

      I use it everyday for a few minutes. Most will have a guide on how to use them including the one I linked to.

      Docs suggest using the lowest setting to start with, and just do 10 minutes or so at first.

      There are *possible* side effects that aren’t horrible: headaches, nausea, too stimulated at night, etc. The only one I get is nausea, but it is supposed to go away after a few weeks of using. I just limit my time so I don’t feel it. Slowly increasing.

      And, you’re not supposed to use it if you’re bipolar (for anyone reading this who might be!)

      I’d say give it a try. I have a fact sheet from my doc with all kids of info if you’d like to read it :)

  1. Aileen says

    #1. I wish my mother was still around for me to ask how she did it. She had the four of us within five years of each other. But she was German. You know, German efficiency and organization and she ruled with an iron fist. Not literally. ;)

  2. says

    Hey Jenna! I found your blog via Clickin’ Moms!

    I love your 5 favorites. I hate winter, too; I feel like a prisoner in my own house sometimes! I may have to try a couple of your tips…