5 Favorites: Lavender Edition

Linking up with Hallie for 5 Favorites. Today? All lavender, all the time. Are your olfactory senses excited? They should be.


Dr. Teal’s

Hallie mentioned this before, and I know I have too. But here I go again. Stop me. I dare you.

Organic French Lavender Soap

I got this at a little shop downtown by our house. Here’s the website for those of you not cool enough to live by me.

Lavender Jojoba Oil

My momma bought this for me at the MI Lavender Festival last year. I keep it in my purse and sniff/wear it all the time. No wonder people like me. Again, website.

MI Lavender Festival

Yeah, so I haven’t actually been to this yet. But, I am going this year, so help me lavender. I am already considering it my fave.

Aveda Stress Fix Lotion

I finally broke down and bought some of this pricey stuff. haha I’m kidding. My mom bought this for me too. Heck, she also bought the soap and the Dr. Teal’s. Let’s just get it all out there. My mom is my lavender dealer. It’s a hard life.

Update: My mom just came over with two lavender plants to put in my yard. Dealer.

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    • Jenna says

      I would love to do that! I am with her right now, and she is thinking sometime in June? Do Mondays work for you?