5 Favorites: Halloween

Because it’s tomorrow.


Sinful Colors Glow in the Dark Nail Polish: I have tried a lot of glow-in-the-dark nail polishes, and this is by far the best. Mike hates me because I make him look at my nails every.single.night after we go to bed. I can’t help it.


Sugar Skull Makeup: Check out my tutorial, do your own, tag me on the gram.



Black and Orange Candies: I just really like these things. I know everyone hates them probably because they are the easiest to hide razor blades in, but it makes up for my hatred of Skittles.



Witch’s Boot and Ghosts: Found these at a boutique and garage sale respectively. Just brighten my Halloweeny day.

photo (1)


Hocus Pocus: I will go to the grave saying that this was the height of SJP’s career and SITC was all downhill. Sue me.


Linking up with Hallie and the other 5 Fave peeps.

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  1. says

    Hocus Pocus gave me nightmares for a MONTH as a child! I still refuse to even catch a glimpse of it. Can we say tramatized?

    Otherwise, I love all of the festive things you posted :)