5 Faves {that I give a cup about}

Linking up with Hallie after a long hiatus. Have you been dying to know what I love? I didn’t think so. But, today I’m going to add a little extra flair to pique your interest. I am also participating in Peet’s Give a Cup – the Internet’s first social sampling experiment for single serve coffee.  Check out Do You Give a Cup to voice your opinion on this week’s topic. The topics are fun, current and sometimes a bit quirky. Your votes determine where we host our sampling events each week. So, yes, part of this post is sponsored, but it’s all my favey things, scout’s honor.

So, here are my fave things this week that I give a cup about:


6.26.13: I am usually not shy about taking on controversial issues, but I have been avoiding these huge ones. What am I talking about? Read more at Lauren’s blog – one of my fave posts last week. Anyway, I haven’t been blogging about it because I am overwhelmed by it, not because I don’t care. I am still hormonal and babymooning, and pouring out my heart on this issue is proving to be too hard at the moment.







Ellen’s mind:

Close your eyes my sweet baby
For the moon is gently shining
Close your eyes my sweet baby
For the moon is gently swinging

This is a lullaby Ellen wrote for me while we were pretending to nap today. She called it “Close Your Eyes, Close Your Eyes.” Right afterward, she picked lint out of my belly button and ate it.

She also wrote a song the other day that she called, “Give Me a Rock and Set Me Free!”






The Great Gatsby: I still haven’t seen this movie yet. I have been getting mixed reviews about it too. I am going to go out on a limb and say I am going to love it. It’s one of my favorite books to teach, and I love the director and Leo, so I don’t see what is not to love. Don’t burst my bubble, mmmkay? (image source)







My blog: Is that vain or what? But, I have become more attached to this place than I care to admit, and the fact that my server has been under attack this past week is killing me slowly. Bluehost, I am shaking my fist at you! I know it’s not their fault for the attack, but let’s get things up and running again, shall we?





My Parents: These people. These people are incredible. Not only are they more than willing to take Ellen to their house for a sleepover whenever the mood strikes me, but they also come up the day before a BBQ we were throwing to help us shop for goods, clean the house and set everything up. I didn’t break a sweat. They are party pros. I so much love living in Michigan again. I missed being by the help of family. It’s good. So good.

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