5 Fave Purchases This Month

I got me a little birthday spendin’ money from my kinfolk. And, I got myself some pretty fancy things – things I might even say are my favorites.


Lady Bell


I don’t even know about this one, you guys. They have a bell like this at our church, and the only reason I don’t steal it is because it is church (And also, I don’t steal things. That too.). But, it’s just one of those things that I really love, and I can’t help it. So I bought it.

My rule with knick knacks is that if it isn’t worth dusting, I don’t want it. She is so worth dusting. Don’t you love her? What should I name her?


Bordeaux Hood


I’m a spoiled b to the hood rat, so I got this hood that I have been pining after for so long. It’s from Italy, and it’s gorgeous.


Gold Stacking Rings


Right hand rings are totally a thing, and these were perfect for my naked finger. They are dainty and fancy. I like to call them my not like me at all rings.


Plum Planner & Michele Quigley Pages


Now I can start being all organized and with it. I am going to plan all of the Pinterest activities and do all of the crafts and bake all of the things and plan all of the play dates. Would you like me to pencil you in? I can’t. I’m busy.

Just kidding. I have no life. Wanna come over and drink Diet Coke?


Vintage Jockey Glass

photo (6)

This little partner sits cozy in my medicine cabinet. If you’re a snooper, you’ll find him there one day. I take all my meds at night while he gives me a little pep talk. “Knock ‘em back, Jenna. You can do it. Now take a refreshing swig. Ahhhh. That’s good, right?” Right.

For some reason, I am just really all about equestrian stuff lately. Don’t ask me why. I’ve ridden a horse once in my life.

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  1. Hee hee hee I love the pep talk your jockey glass gives you!! Also I pretty much love planners!!!


  2. like!

  3. I love those rings! They are so delicate and timeless/trendy all in one! As for the bell, you should name her Isabel. Get it? Isabel. We just got erased from your planner and contact list didn’t we? :)

  4. Umm, I like everything! That lady bell is so awesome though, definitely worth both dusting and naming! I’m thinking something like Diana or Beatrice.

  5. When I first saw your lady bell, the first name that popped into my mind was Helena. Either that or Genuviieve

  6. So very cool. I didn’t know about these planners. I picked out a planner and liturgical calendar separate last week. Who knew?!

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