10 Great St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Kids

When I was younger (and even in my college years), my parent’s loved celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. They were oober creative. I wanted to share with you some of their best ideas since I will not come up with my own. They already did all the leg work. Lucky me.
10 Great (and simple) St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Kids - who knew you could dye your tongue that way??? | st patricks day treats | st patricks day food | st patricks day crafts

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1. Pack a green lunch: green veggies, green jello, green juice box, green cookies…you get the idea.
2. Dye your tongue: Use green Kool-Aid to dye your kids’ tongues green for the day; but, be careful, it’s sour. Or, don’t tell them and laugh.
3. Use a little bit of that Kool-Aid to add a green streak to your kids’ hair for the day. Hush hush – it washes out.
4. Wake up early and flip all of your furniture upside down. Tell your kids the leprechauns did it. Totally fell for this one. Dope.
5. If your kids are in college, send cash…it’s green! (Thanks, Dad!)
6. Create a green care package for an adult kid: green shampoo and soap, green food, green kitchen and bath supplies.
7. Give your kids a green bath by adding food coloring and green toys. I don’t think it dyes their skin…not that I can remember…
8. Enjoy a green dinner with lots of veggies, green milk and a green dessert. I wasn’t a picky eater, clearly.
9. Don’t forget to wear green. Buy your kids something festive like a green pair of socks. Or just don’t wipe the snot from their face that day. Easy peasy.
10. Take this opportunity to pray with your child and teach them about St. Patrick. Now that’s classic.
Oh. And if you’re in need of some March Blog Post Ideas, it’s your lucky day. This way over the rainbow.

My parents were super creative on this lucky holiday. How will you celebrate this year?  Tell me in the comment section below.


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  1. Kim Russell says

    I am working but plan on wearing green. I also bought a headband from Claire’s with a shamrock on it. 

  2. says

    These are so fun! Definitely will keep in mind when Sullivan is older.

    This St Patty’s day I will be enjoying some Jameson and ginger ale on a date night with my hubby.