An Easy Way to Cinch Up Messes

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I'm still kickin' it low tech style over here: not much blogging, candles, leaves and pinecones for...ha. nope. But, I did come out of hibernation for un momento to showcase a lovely little Etsy shop. Wanda, the owner of Cinch It, says, "Drawstrings..... Because everything should be tied up nice and neat!" She knows my heart, people. And, her adorable little mess keepers come in sizes Rosary through Yoga. So, you should be able to find a little cinch sack for anything you need to keep … [Read more...]

20 Things that Make Me Happy


Gina dear listed over 20 things that make her happy because she finds joy in life. Then, she asked me what makes me happy, and I'm really glad she did. I am in this place right now where I KNOW I am blessed, but I am tired and out of patience with my charges. So, Gina is forcing me out of my funk, and I like her a whole lot for that. 20 things? I've got this. Getting packages in the mail My mom's pasta salad, chicken soup and fake beef stroganoff Lemons and limes Lavender, lilacs, … [Read more...]

An Examination of Conscience for Toddlers


Sometimes I swear they are doing this stuff on purpose. I just KNOW that they are making a lucid and deliberate decision to break that Fourth Commandment. "But toddlers can't sin!" you say. Yeah, while that might be catechetically correct and all, I still can't help but wonder. And then I come up with stuff like this. And this is way more fun than trying to lobby for Hobby Lobby hearts on Facebook or Bob Loblaw's Law Blog. . … [Read more...]

How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

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I am always so excited when Kelly comes to visit; I feel like I have a rock star over. And, today she is playing teacher by showing us how to make a spiritual bouquet. I may need one or 77 of these to make it through this first trimester. I’m happy to be here at Jenna’s today with a craft idea that is totally doable for little hands, yet enjoyable for older kids too. Learning how to make a spiritual bouquet card becomes a great little gift for name days, baptisms and a slew of other Holy D … [Read more...]

I probably owe you an explanation?

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Yes, yes. Everything is ok. I mean, I'm pregnant and hormonal and I've got two littles and an anxiety problem. So, I mean, everything is as ok as it can be ;) I just found that I was becoming overwhelmed and distracted by too many things, and I wasn't able to give the important things the attention they deserved. So, I decided to take a break. And, I know it was abrupt, but if I didn't go all in, then it would take me forever to get started. A little mental vacation is going to be so … [Read more...]

Sweet Summer Swag + Giveaway

Good Monday to you, dear mamas! We have an out of this world giveaway for you guys! Like, can't handle how much fun it is. It's the bomb dot com. Okay, enough with the suspense, check out below all of the amazing shops featured in the Sweet Summer Swag event! Dandy Lion Co. // Freshly Picked // Flourish Leather Kids // Dear Cub // Vonbon // The Twiddles // hOpscotch kids // Finn + Emma // The Jones Market // 1canoe2 // Taylor Joelle Here are some great Lookbook posts from A Mama … [Read more...]

A Blogging Vacay


Hi Friends, I'm coming to you today to be honest. Social media and blogging is taking its toll on me and my family. Lately, my anxiety is elevated, my head is spinning, and I can't find peace. I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to a very holy priest who helped set me on a great path. Part of this journey is going to be taking a step back from Call Her Happy and other social media venues for a while. So, there will be a lot of silence from me (hooray, you say!). I won't be answering … [Read more...]



I was stoked to see so many of you helping me not look like a fool last time. You guys. Thanks. Ready for more tl;dr? Wait. What is tl;dr? Do your homework. Then, link yours up below. Here's my tl;dr of late: We're having uh bay-bay. Due 2.18.15. Anna is joining me here on Call Her Happy. Once a month you can hang out with her, but just don't start liking her more than me. Or at least don't tell me about it. She's that sweet. I started using doTerra essential oils more recently. I am st … [Read more...]

Sick Clicks

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If you don't love a good weight loss story, get out. Heather looks bomb. Straight up, I have not even read this post yet, but I'm just going to tell you it is wonderful because Meg wrote it. She has never let me down before, and I assume that today will not be that day. So, if you're looking to start up a prayer life, she has your numero uno stepo right here. We do quiet time in our house, but we are not nearly as awesome at it as Janssen is. I'm going to get as awesome as Janssen is. I … [Read more...]

Gift from the Sea


Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh (affiliate) is on my reading list. My short list. A friend posted this excerpt from it de udder day, and it just touched me, ya know? "When you love someone, you do not love them all the time, in exactly the same way, from moment to moment. It is an impossibility. It is even a lie to pretend to. And yet this is exactly what most of us demand. We have so little faith in the ebb and flow of life, of love, of relationships. We leap at the flow of the … [Read more...]