7QT: makes us purchase them from her rolly backpack


Ellen has her own “Bowtique” and by that I mean that she collects all of her hair bows and makes us purchase them from her rolly backpack at the reasonable price of $30 each. If you’re looking for something darling at an even better steal, check out Designed by Chloe. She has sent Ellen hair…

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#5Faves: Teas


I don’t drink coffee, so I have to get my hot bevvie fix another way. It’s not that my brain, nose and mouth don’t want to drink coffee. My nervous system, esophagus and stomach just have the final vote. TMI? Anyway, here are my (mostly) caffeine-free #5Faves. I hardly even mess with decaf, baby. -1- Chamomile: The…

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Church Tour Series: St. Andrews, Chicago, IL

virtual church tour

Welcome to our Church! I *love* visiting other churches, so I’m thrilled to bring you an electronic tour of mine.  This is a fairly small church, but it’s full of beauty.  Enjoy! We’ve recently moved into our first house in a different town, and so we had to find a new parish.  Though I wouldn’t say…

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7QT: who wants someone to see them in that fine moment?


This week has been a rough one in the sleep department. Not only is Theo sleeping like a baby (in the true sense of the word…), the other kids are sleeping like babies as well. Night terrors, nightmares, requests for snacks and drinks, diaper blowouts, you name it. Everyone has a reason to be awake…

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Healthy Homemade Almond Joys


You know those people who aren’t really into candy? Those who never really crave sweets? Those who who rather have a pear or a salty pretzels than a fatty piece of cake? Those who “don’t really like chocolate”? Don’t you kind of hate those people? Just kidding! But I am a bit envious of them…

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#5Faves: Melody’s Harmonies Edition


Melody was so extremely kind and brave to host all of you leprechauns today. Head over to her place at Melody’s Harmonies to link up your #5Faves. And, don’t worry. I will be stalking all of your favorite things. I always dooooo. And, while you’re at it, subscribe to her blog. She’s always posting really helpful stuff like Clothing…

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13 Catholic Mom Fails (#convertproblems)


My husband and I entered the Catholic Church Easter vigil 1999. Thanks be to God! Among the many blessings of our Catholic faith is the knowledge that we don’t have to figure it all out ourselves. We are not on our own. We have the sacraments, the communion of the Saints, and the Magisterium to…

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7QT: Sincerely, Crumbs Everywhere


Can I get a little domestic on you for just a minute? Those of you who bake your own bread, how do you keep it from going stale? I’ve tried ziplocks and linen bags. Any other suggestions? Sincerely, Crumbs Everywhere my gram     I care enough to make sure you don’t miss out on…

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#5Faves: The Better Gift Guide for New Moms + Giveaway


If you’ve had a baby, you’ve probably been given your share of receiving blankets, cute onesies, stuffed animals and personalized knick knacks. And, while I am not one to ever complain about a person’s generosity and thoughtfulness, those suckers get played out. And, after birthing a child, aren’t you a little bit, “What do I get??” Besides…

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Sweet & Simple 5-Minute Makeup Demo


Have you seen the winged liner look and are wondering if it’s OK for everyday? I’m here to let you know that yes, you can rock that winged liner and red lipstick as an everyday look. Since pictures are worth 1000 words and videos are worth a whole lot more than that, grab a cuppa…

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7QT: I should have seen the diarrhea coming


Just passed Theo off on Mike so I could tap this out for you. You think, “Lucky Mike. Baby snuggles!” I think, “Ha. He just pooped.” I want you to read right down to the bottom of this, but first, enter to win a Jesus Tree Lent Calendar from Jesse Tree Treasures on Etsy. Just…

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Reusable Lent Calendar + Giveaway


Fun Fact: Lent will be halfway over on March 12. Half. Way. I seriously just rolled up our Advent calendar. Have you thought about how you are doing with your commitments? I know I tend to stay on course more easily when I have tangible things to use as tools. I’m working my way through…

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#5Faves: Efficient Mama Edition


Rachel was so extremely kind and brave to host all of you yahoos today. Head over to her place at Efficient Mama to link up your #5Faves. And, don’t worry. I will be watching in the wings. I never miss ya posts, dahlin’s. I’m a sucker for #5Faves. And, while you’re at it, subscribe to…

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Winter Tour of Chicago’s Little Italy

Winter in Chicago is brutal. It means downy puffer coats, fleece lined leggings, boots that are ugly but warm, and hats that flatten your hair to an unrecognizable mess. The key, I’ve found, to making it through these bleak winter months, is to live near a fun neighborhood: one filled with sweet cafes, aroma-filled restaurants,…

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10+ Post Ideas for March


I’m a planner-aheader. So, not only do I have a (very loose) editorial calendar for Call Her Happy, I also try to think about when I am going to go on vacay (never) or have a baby (always) and am going to need a stock of posts. While begging some of you to guest post…

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