Winter Tour of Chicago’s Little Italy

Winter in Chicago is brutal. It means downy puffer coats, fleece lined leggings, boots that are ugly but warm, and hats that flatten your hair to an unrecognizable mess. The key, I’ve found, to making it through these bleak winter months, is to live near a fun neighborhood: one filled with sweet cafes, aroma-filled restaurants,…

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10+ Post Ideas for March


I’m a planner-aheader. So, not only do I have a (very loose) editorial calendar for Call Her Happy, I also try to think about when I am going to go on vacay (never) or have a baby (always) and am going to need a stock of posts. While begging some of you to guest post…

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tl;dr February


I think February could be summed up by two obvious things: bitter, nasty cold and sweet, mushy Theo. But, I’m going to grace you with some tl;dr anyway. Because it’s the first of the month, and that’s what I do. Sam fell in love with Paw Patrol and Ellen with the Reading Rainbow app for…

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7QT: Theo’s Birth Story


-1- Theodore Patrick Hines 2/18/15 at 2:55am 8lbs 6oz 20.5in -2- On Fat Tuesday, I was eating paczki and feeling pretty…um…fat. I had just put Ellen to bed around 8 and was walking down the stairs when I thought I felt my water break. With my other two, it was a definite gush, but this being…

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Around My House with Oils + Giveaway


I’m a pretty skeptical person by nature.  My discovery of essential oils was a combination of circumstance and desperation. Essential Oils in Infertility Over the last 8 years, I’ve struggled with secondary infertility.  After meeting with a NaPro physician in 2014, I discovered my hormones were completely out of balance and I had chronic uterine…

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7 Helpful Gifts for the Postpartum Mom


One of the sweetest things I can think of to do for a newly postpartum mom is to bring something for her.  So often, people bring something for the baby, which is lovely and generous, of course, but a gift for mom is a beautiful, tangible way to let her know that her job is…

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Church Tour: Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, FL

virtual church tour

Today I am going to give you a tour of my church. My church is the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, FL. It is America’s First Parish. The amount of history in this church is such a cool part of the parish. We are about to celebrate our 450th anniversary of the city and the…

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How To Meal Plan Faster and Cheaper

How To Meal Plan Faster and Cheaper (1)

I have found a system to plan meals that has been a much better fit with both our schedule and our wallet. So when Jenna asked for a guest post that was a “How To” I knew that if it helped even one person than I should share! Here are some details about us, and…

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#5Faves: Ways to Detox a Pregnancy


Anna is here again, and this time it’s a double whammy. A #5Faves and an announcement. Bet you can’t guess what it is. I bettttt… Oh, a new little baby. A new immortal soul, a new little light in the world, shining without being seen. The only tangible proof that there’s a baby even there…

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How to Live Lent as a Busy Mom


We moms who want to nurture our relationship with God—but also lead busy lives with children—often find ourselves caught between a rock and hard place. Prayer practices seem to require 1) undivided chunks of time; 2) quiet; 3) a peaceful environment. I don’t know about you, but those three almost NEVER occur at our house,…

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My 9 Most Helpful Posts


I might be assuming a lot with this one. But, I am about to have a baby. So, without further hormonal adieu… My 9 Most Helpful Posts Anxiety Toolbox: My best tips for dealing with daily anxiety or a straight up panic attack. I am an unwilling expert. Guide to Essential Oils: Are you skeptical about EOs? Me…

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7QT: she is still banking Lenten sacrifice hours


Still* pregnant over here. Don’t worry. I’m due Thursday the 19th, but Sam was 12 days early, so I am considering myself on overtime right now. That’s how it works, you know. Let me spare you the rest of what I was going to type and sum it up here: wah. wah. wah. womp. womp….

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Lent in the Time of a Newborn


m4s0n501 There’s a saying that gets batted around every Lent: Sometimes you choose a sacrifice for Lent, but sometimes God chooses it for you. Never more is that true, for me at least, than during times of pregnancy or when I’m caring for a newborn. Whether it’s all-day nausea during early pregnancy, the constant backache of…

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#5Faves: Steps for Brushing Your Teeth


You’ve got to be kidding me, Jenna. Hear me out. I hate going to the dentist, but I do it because I like my teeth in my mouth, and I also like it when people are willing to talk to me face to face without grimacing. But, I only go two times a year because…

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