7QT: Mike’s Disbelief


I certainly cannot be the only person who feels this way: In the winter, when they days are so much shorter, I start to think a lot about how quickly life is going by. It seems like every night when we are putting the kids to bed, I get this thought of, "Didn't I JUST do this??" Obviously we all feel like life speeds by, but sometimes that feeling is overwhelming. Like I need it to slow down just a little bit. Maybe it's the lack of sunshine and daylight hours that do it to me. But, how do … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Only During Christmas


Let's face the jingle bells: there are certain things that you can really only fully enjoy during the Advent and Christmas season. Here are five seasonal faves for the Elf in all of you. -1- ABC Family Christmas Movies on Netflix: Y'all probably know that Netflix gave me a viewing device and a free subscription, and let me tell you my honest thoughts. ABC family movies starring Melissa Joan Hart or Christina Milian are one of the best things about this time of year. Predictable, fluffy, … [Read more...]

Ellen Chatter + Giveaway


If you're here for the Joules, scroll on down. I gots mines from Joules themselves, but opinions are all my own. If you're here for cute kid words, look no further:   Watching a commercial of a girl eating fruit (that we've seen too many times): (annoyed) "Mom, that girl always picks the plum..." Ellen woke up the other day, and before saying a word, let out a nice, loud toot and sleepily proclaimed, "It said, 'Good Morning.'" Ellen: Mom, is Ms. Amanda (her swim teacher) … [Read more...]

7QT: When we were eventually caught by mall security guards


Had a dream last night that I was on a wild motorcycle high speed chase with Robert De Nero's character in Taxi Driver. When we were eventually caught by mall security guards, I was sentenced to work at a birthday party as Justin Bieber's babysitter. He eventually fell in love with me, and it was completely awkward. my gram   I care enough to make sure you don't miss out on anything I posted earlier this week. Obviously you have a good excuse for why you didn't read. I … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Mike’s Weaknesses


You guys, I'm pretty sure I can make a #5Faves out of anything, and today proves it. I have no idea where this came from, but I'm rolling with it. I present My Huband's 5 Favorite Weaknesses. Ta-daaaaa! -1- Sour Candy: There is not such thing as Mike opening a bag of sour candy and then putting it away for later. Never happened. Never will. He will gobble it down until it hurts, and he loves every second of it. -2- Bad Tattoo Posts on Facebook: If Mike's face is buried in his phone … [Read more...]

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day


Let's just get right down to this. I know what you're here for, and I'm ok with that. Enter using the Rafflecopter below, and if you're feeling lucky, enter my other giveaway where you can win TWELVE handmade gifts from a whole bunch of indie artist mommas. Prizes Sublime Stitching Metallic and Glow-in-the-Dark Threads Set of 45 1" Mini Embroidery Hoops Rafflecopter (open internationally) a Rafflecopter giveaway **visit Sew Mama Sew for complete rules and to enter more giveaways … [Read more...]

#7QT: 144 cookies in 90 minutes!


I've gotta talk up my giveaway here. Yew gize! One lucky winner will win TWELVE handmade gifts from a whole bunch of indie momma artists. And, it's some pretty good stuff. Just do me a solid and enter it. Right here. Right now. There's a necklace from yours truly, wine glasses, a quilt, swanky baby and toddler goods, hand drawn prints, a rosary, a cookbook, an ornament, perfume, and some cool photography. Lots. of. goods. my gram   I care enough to make sure you don't … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Blogging Resources


I wouldn't call myself an expert and neither should you. BUT, sometimes people ask me what my favorite blogging tools are, so Imma let you know. Right here. Right now. Let's do this.   -1- Postcron: Lest you think I am on the Internet all day long, I actually use this FREE service that allows me to schedule all of my Facebook touts and Twitter tweets. You can also upgrade your account for pretty much unlimited posting. Otherwise you can schedule 10 posts at a time. Honestly, I … [Read more...]

tl;dr December


Mike is home on vacation this week, so I feel so out of the internet loop. I'm doing things like enjoying my time with him and having fun with the family. It's unusual. So, tell me what you've been up to the past month - in a nutshell. Here's mine: In November: I celebrated 29 years on Dia de los Muertos Mike was 27 the day before Thanksgiving My anxiety has been hyper-elevated this trimester, and I ask for your prayers in a big way I did my first craft show and added a bunch of … [Read more...]

Your Guide to Buying Indie on Cyber Monday + Giveaway


As an indie artist myself, I know how much it makes my day when I open up my email to see an order in my inbox. And, while big companies employ lots of great people who need to make a living, I don't think those companies feel that deep satisfaction every time a purchase is made. So, consider doing a bit of holiday shopping from some of my personal friends this Cyber Monday. Many of them have great coupons and deals just for muh readers. AND, they are all giving away an item to ONE lucky … [Read more...]