Dipping Our Toes in the Homeschool Pond


It's not easy adopting a lifestyle with which you have no prior experience. And, I need your help talking me down from my crazy cloud. Read my latest at CatholicMom.com to help find a cure for my insanity. … [Read more...]

My Interview with Jen Fulwiler

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We all love Jen from Conversion Diary, but doesn't it just make her even more lovable when she takes time to do Skype interviews with her readers? And she's so natural on camera. I need to ask her about that... Take a watch, then hop over to pre-order her book Something Other Than God. AND, if you pre-order, you'll get a free copy of her e-book, The Family-First Creative. For Lent, I gave up buying unnecessary things, but I pre-ordered this. It's that important, my friends. And, in the … [Read more...]

7QT: was pretty much just tired of pulling Sam out of piles of bodily fluids

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These are seriously going to be so quick. I am a very important busy person today. -1- I had the grand pleasure of talking with Jen Fulwiler via Skype the other day. She is an honest gem. And, you will see the whole darn thing on Monday. -2- So many beautiful people are giving you a chance to win one of my necklaces from my Etsy shop. So kind of them. Check it out! The Annery at Home Fine Linen and Purple Bugaboo -3- Another person I am obsessed with right now? (Don't tell her … [Read more...]

5 Favorite Blog Resources


Lately, I've had a palmful of people asking me what my favorite blogging resources are. Why not just share with the masses? WHY NOT?? Postcron: Schedule all of your Facebook and Twitter posts ahead of time. I know there are a lot of services that can do this, but Postcron has been the simplest, no frills option. And, it works like a charm. You didn't really think I was on Facebook all day, did you? Ok. Sometimes I am. And? Fuh-reee. Pixelscrapper: This is where I like to get a lot of … [Read more...]

The Romantic Idea of the Bedtime Story


I've always had this romantic idea of going to the library with my daughter, checking out a classic chapter book, and reading a chapter each night before bed. She's two, so it's not really time for that yet, but I decided to jump the gun and give it a whirl. I got a read-aloud copy of Charlotte's Web and told Ellen we would be reading it at bedtime. The first night was mostly fielding questions about why we couldn't finish the book in one night, what chapters are, character names, etc. Things … [Read more...]

7QT: Try to forget about it until it crawls out from under the couch an hour later.


-1- I just like throwing this out there: I had a panic attack at the gym on Wednesday. The kids were in the daycare, I had just finished working out, and it just took over me. I laid down for a good hour until it passed, and I even had my mommy come and help me out the rest of the day. I'm telling you this for two reasons: 1. If you get panic attacks, I want you to know it's so normal. 2. I also want you to remember that you are never too old to need your momma.   -2- I am … [Read more...]

The Simplest and Most Filling Meatless Meal I’ve Found

fast friday burrito meal idea

Mike said, "You know what would take this meal up a notch? Ground beef!" This is coming from the man who forgets to abstain from meat every.single.Lenten.Friday. Except that time he had the flu. Because he didn't eat anything. So, what is this miracle meal? Bean burritos, of course. It is culinary genius - mainly because it requires heavy can opening skills and a prerequisite that you know how to preheat an oven. Ingredients: 1 pkg of 8-12 soft tortillas 2 cans refried beans 1 pkg … [Read more...]

a new design for my nursing mamas

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Y'all must be aware by now that I opened a little Etsy shop to 1. feed my embroidery addiction and 2. pay my way to Edel. And, if you're not aware, congrats on thwarting my efforts to fill your brain with stitchy thoughts. Anyway, I've got some new designs in shop, and this one is for my nursing mamas. If you want to let the world know that you do the boob, hang it around your neck. Check it out! April Fools. Unless you want it, then um, you can buy it. But I will judge … [Read more...]

Attracting Sponsors: A Free Media Kit Template

Free Media Kit Template

If you want to start monetizing your blog to make a bit of Target cash, you're going to need a media kit. And, because I like you like that, here is a free media kit template from me to you. What is a media kit? A media kit is a document that keeps track of all of your site stats and other useful information to give to potential sponsors. They are going to want to make sure they are advertising with a site that is worth their money. Show them you're worth it, L'Oreal. What should I put in … [Read more...]

7QT: I burned everything he touched, so, I did what I could.


-1- My brother goes to China five or six times a year for work. Every time he goes, I have him on the hunt for something fancy for me. This time: -2- I got started on my Spring Stitch-a-Long project this week. I didn't get much done, but that is why I gave us all Spring to finish. A little here. A little there. Easy does it, my friends. -3- So, I asked on Facebook the other day if anyone could find me a legit download of the Strawberry Shortcake theme song (the one that goes … [Read more...]