#5Faves: Lent Resources


Looking to make Lent a little more meaningful or even just easier? Both of those adjectives would certainly help you prepare and focus, yes? Yes. Here are my favorite Lent resources. I hope it is a pious one for ya. -1- 40 Simple Lenten Activities for Kids: This is the first year that Ellen really understands the liturgical year. I tried some of this stuff before, and while I am sure it was beneficial in some way, I think this year she will actually be able to put two and two … [Read more...]

10 Netflix Documentaries on My Short List #streamteam

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 7.21.26 PM

Disclosure: I have received free Netflix streaming and a streaming device as part of my membership on the Netflix Stream Team.  All opinions expressed within this post are my own. Juuuuust so we're clear, I haven't watched any of these yet. So don't go watching them and find out they are totally inapropes and then blame me for it. But, I won't blame you if you get to them before I do. Look how interesting. Seriously. Tiny: A young couple with no construction experience attempts to bui … [Read more...]

7QT: look like a real pro-time-big-girl


I had a discussion with some moms the other day about what you do with your kids all day. Some were in the scheduled activities camp, some in the "let them play on their own" camp. I'm curious of your thoughts now. Lay them on me, crowd. my gram   I care enough to make sure you don't miss out on anything I posted earlier this week. Obviously you have a good excuse for why you didn't read. I forgive you. And I update you: 7 Tips for Taking a Pregnant Selfie #5Faves: … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Beat the Winter Blues


I've never been hugely pregnant in the winter before, so maybe that's it, but this winter has been a rough one. I feel like the days are actually shorter than they have ever been and the sun is shining less than it ever has. Drama. That being so, I've never really thought to find ways to "beat the winter blues," but this year I'm trying it all. Here are my #5Faves: -1- Get out of the house no matter how long it takes. With two kids and coatsbootsgloveshatsscarves, it feels … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Taking a Pregnant Selfie


Looking thin while pregnant should probably be your very last priority, because, um, you're not. I'm not. We're not. Dere's a baby in dere. BUT, I know the vain woes of wanting to look your best and just fit into your clothes again, damnit! So, when you're putting your bumpdate out there for the world to see, it feels good to look a teensy bit nice instead of feeling like an orca. I get that. We deserve a little self-confidence, and I don't care if that is a sign of a broken society. Break … [Read more...]

7QT: any piping warm tips for this tapper?


I've been spending every kid-free moment this week working on the blog. You've probably noticed. And if you say "yes," you're a big fat one. It's a lot of behind the scenes schtuff, but I've made myself a goals list for 2015. Tis' the season. Included? 1. Garner more reader comments 2. Create and incentive to subscribe 3. Increase gram followers 4. Reach into other blogging circles And, don't worry. I'm married to an engineer, so I have action items to go with all of these goals. Das … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Makeup Tips


One time, my friend's mom told me to squeeze my butt cheeks together before pulling on my pants, and then my underwear wouldn't give me a wedgie after suiting up. I've been a sucker for hot tips ever since. Here are my #5Fave makeup tips. Not butt tips. Sorry. -1- Stick Your Finger in Your Mouth: After applying lipstick, stick your finger in your mouth and purse your lips. While pursing, pull out your finger. All that lipstick could have been on your teeth. You're welcome. -2- Hold Your … [Read more...]

It’s the Suffering


Do you ever wonder why mega-churches are so on fire? People pour into their stadium seats week and after week (and on Wednesday nights too!) to hear a message, fill up and participate in fellowship. But, I suppose you - ideally - can find those things at any community gathering or church, right? So, what is it about these churches? We are a world of sinners looking for solace. We want to know that it is ok. We want to know that we are good people. And we want to feel that we are doing good … [Read more...]

7QT: if that person understood the silent treatment, she’d be getting it


I feel like I've reached another blogging rut. I know, we all get them. Woe is Jenna's super-hard life. But, when your goal is to eventually have a self-sustaining blog that makes some side income for your family, and you reach a plateau, and you're immensely pregnant, this stuff happens. And the whole Internet gets to hear about it. I feel like I just need a really famous person to give me my big break. Do you know famous people? Can you hook me up? Otherwise things are going to get … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Essential Oil Tricks


Lots of Qs in my inbox about using oils, so here are some of my favorite tips for getting your crunch on. As you'll read, I use Doterra, but these tips work for the oils closest to your heart. If you're looking for more info, check out what I've written about oils, browse my easy getting started guide, or check out one of my favorite sites for looking up info. -1- Diffuser Necklace: A diffuser necklace is an easy way to keep your favorite oils close all day. I use one from that link I … [Read more...]